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Can HelloFresh Be Delivered to Apartments?

Food delivery services such as HelloFresh save you the time and trouble of going to the grocery store, doing the actual shopping, looking up recipes, and measuring ingredients. If you live in an apartment and are considering subscribing to these services, it is essential to find out whether HelloFresh can be delivered to apartments. 

HelloFresh can be delivered to apartments in the United States except for Hawaii and Alaska. They also offer delivery services in Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Western Europe. Meal kits will be delivered right at your doorstep or according to the delivery instructions you provide. 

The rest of this article will provide you with details on checking whether HelloFresh delivers to your area and how to change delivery details on your account. We’ll also look into how to track your package, change your address for delivery, and send HelloFresh gift packages. I will also provide additional information on registering a complaint about your delivery. 

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How to Get HelloFresh Delivered to Your Apartment

While placing your order, specify delivery details as much as possible. This includes giving information such as apartment number, floor number, and wing. 

Additionally, requesting the delivery agent to buzz your apartment upon drop off will help you know when it arrives, whether you are home or not.

Remember to consult the apartment management regarding deliveries beforehand, to understand their policies and how they may affect your meal kit delivery. 

If the building policies are against doorstep deliveries (some apartments only allow residents within the building), you could speak to the concierge and request them to either deliver to your doorstep or keep the package for you until you are able to pick it up.

How To Check Whether HelloFresh Delivers to Your Area

As mentioned, HelloFresh delivers to apartments all over the US, except for Alaska and Hawaii. HelloFresh also delivers to parts of Western Europe, Australia, Canada, Denmark, and New Zealand. If you live in these regions, you can enjoy HelloFresh Services. 

To confirm whether your address is eligible for doorstep delivery, follow the following simple steps: 

  1. Set up a HelloFresh account. To access delivery information details, you need to begin by setting up an account or logging in if you had previously signed up. 
  2. Choose your preferred package. At this stage, you can just select one at random, even if you don’t plan on subscribing just yet. This part is necessary to move on to the next step. 
  3. Proceed to checkout. You need to put in your address and delivery details at this stage. If your address is eligible for delivery, you will be able to move forward with payment details. If not, you will receive a notification. 

How Long Can HelloFresh Sit Outside?

HelloFresh can sit outside your apartment for 12 hours straight while still staying fresh. Ingredients are pre-chilled and packed in insulated styrofoam boxes, and the meat and fish products are packed in vacuum-sealed bags, which keep the meat fresh for longer. 

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Overall, the packaging is designed to withstand two days of shipping and an additional allowance of about 12 hours.

How the HelloFresh Delivery Service Works

HelloFresh offers chilled, pre-portioned ingredients in meal kits that they deliver to customers’ doorsteps. Accompanying the meal kit is usually a set of instructions on preparing the meal. 

They offer a variety of meal plans and recipes, which subscribers select on their website. Some special diets such as low-carb diets, pescetarian, and vegetarian diets will also be catered for, and the customer is free to select whichever packages fit them best. 

Subscription fees to this service depend entirely on the meal plan you choose since delivery fees are standard no matter what plan you purchase. 

Can You Change the Delivery Address on an Active Subscription?

You can change your address multiple times on an active HelloFresh subscription, as long as you do it correctly. Furthermore, you must counter-check the delivery information you provide before completing the transaction to ensure accuracy.

Here’s how to change your HelloFresh delivery address:

  1. Once you’re logged in, click on the settings icon. You can find this on the bottom-right end. 
  2. Select ‘Plan Settings’ and choose the plan you need to update. 
  3. Click the address button, and select the edit option. 
  4. Click on the (+) sign, and update the new information. 
  5. Save the changes by selecting ‘Done.’ 

Tracking Your HelloFresh Delivery

After completing the purchase process, it is possible to track your package

Tracking information is provided in the delivery email sent from HelloFresh on the delivery day. Additionally, you can use this courier tracking service, a platform that tracks parcels from any courier worldwide. 

Deliveries are made from 8 am to 8 pm every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Even if you are not at home then, you can put special instructions for your courier through your account. Delivery days are also adjustable, so you need not fret if you are away for a while. 

After making a delivery, you can expect it to arrive at your doorstep within one to two days. 

How To Register Complaints About an Order

In case you have any complaints about a delivery, for instance, missing ingredients or substandard quality of the ingredients, you should reach out to the HelloFresh Support Center. You can expect to get a response within minutes of writing to them. 

Customers should register these complaints within five days of receiving their package. Exceeding this time may limit their ability to compensate you adequately. 

How to Send a HelloFresh Gift Package

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If you would like to send a meal kit to a friend who is not subscribed to HelloFresh, you can easily do so using HelloFresh gift cards.

To purchase a gift card, you need to visit this page and choose from the available denominations. You can also attach a special message and schedule for them to receive it on a different date. The recipient need not be registered with HelloFresh, and they can quickly redeem the gift card by creating an account. 

With the gift card, the recipient will be able to choose their preferred packages and ingredients within the gift card terms and conditions. Delivery fees will also be included when charging the gift card, and any extra costs exceeding the gift card amount will be charged using the payment details they provide. 


HelloFresh does deliveries right to your doorstep. You can choose which day the meal kit will be sent to you, and also attach special delivery instructions for your courier if you are not home. The meal kits are packaged to retain freshness for up to 12 hours on your doorstep.

You can track your package, reschedule deliveries, change your delivery address and even send gift packages to friends who are not registered with the service.

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