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How Long Can You Rent a U-Haul?

U-Haul rental service allows people to rent moving vehicles and storage space. The moving service is affordable, widely available, and makes moving less of a hassle. Those looking to utilize U-Haul’s services might wonder how long you can keep a U-Haul vehicle to help with your move.

You can rent a U-Haul vehicle for more than one day. However, the ability to do so may depend on availability and the specific U-Haul facility. If your local U-Haul doesn’t offer additional days, you may have to travel to another location that does.

This article examines how long you can keep a U-Haul, whether you can get discounts for additional days, and the types of vehicles offered. Additionally, we’ll look at the steps for renting a U-Haul. Read on to learn more.

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How Long Can You Keep a U-Haul Vehicle?

You can reserve U-Haul’s 8-foot pick-up trucks and cargo vans for up to 90 days. U-Haul sometimes offers additional days on larger vehicles, such as trucks and trailers. Availability may differ based on location and vehicle type. Some locations only allow rentals for 24 hours or less.

If you need the rental vehicle for additional days, you must discuss this with the rental office before finalizing the pick-up. Once you’ve finalized the paperwork, it’s a difficult process to add additional days to your prior commitment. The reason is simple; U-Haul may have already set up the vehicle with another customer based on your set return date.

Obtaining additional days requires altering the contract. Additionally, the amount paid changes as you rent the vehicle for longer. This fee is not a fine — it’s the regular rent you must pay for the vehicle.

What Are Additional Days?

Additional days on a U-Haul contract means extending the vehicle rental time. U-Haul offers a set number of days for a fixed price (plus mileage). Additional days require additional cost. If you believe you’ll need additional days when renting a U-Haul, discuss this with the company beforehand.

Can You Get More Days on a One-Way Move?

U-Haul allows one-way movers to keep a U-Haul vehicle for more than a day. If you’re moving out of the city or state, you can drop the U-Haul off at the nearest U-Haul location once you’ve reached your destination and finished using the vehicle.

It is a good idea to finalize the pick-and-drop details of the vehicle before the pick-up. It will save you from any confusion later on.

A great thing about U-Haul is that one-way movers can take the rented vehicle even across the US/Canadian border. However, you will have to abide by the government laws. 

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Does U-Haul Offer Discounts on Additional Days?

U-Haul may offer discounts on additional days when returning the vehicle to the original pick-up location. Discounts are sometimes offered on miles covered or depending on the days you keep the vehicle. U-Haul offers discounts for small businesses on 90-day reservations of pick-ups and cargo vans.

uhaul offers discounts for small businesses

The company doesn’t list discounts on the official U-Haul page. You can, however, enter your specific details to see if you qualify for a price reduction.

You can find discounts by entering your pick-up and return dates and location on the official website

Can You Keep a U-Haul After the Return Date?

If you keep a U-Haul after the return date, the company charges a fine. U-Haul calculates this fine based on the number of extra days you take to make the return. The company can take legal action against customers who fail to return the vehicle’s on time and do not pay the fine.

You also do not get a refund on the number of unused days when you return the vehicle before the due date. 

What Type of Vehicles Does U-Haul Offer?

U-Haul offers multiple vehicles depending on your moving needs. Most are available for additional days. The type of vehicles available include:

  • Trucks 
  • Trailers – cargo and utility 
  • Towing 
  • Containers for storage 
  • Cargo vans
  • Pick-ups 

How Do You Pay for Additional Days?

mattress load in U-haul

To pay for additional days on a U-Haul vehicle, request them when reserving the U-Haul. U-Hauls have flat rates and a per-mile cost. You’ll receive a fixed number of days and mileage, but you can request additional days when signing the contract. You pay upfront for those additional days.

Find the exact price by visiting the U-Haul website and entering your pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the pick-up date. You’ll receive a flat rate list and the per-mile cost.

For one-way movers, the following factors determine the total cost:

  • The size of the vehicle you rent
  • Destination 
  • The moving date
  • The pick-up point 

The rental fee can change. However, once you make the payment, you will not be subject to any rate changes. 

The additional day fee is as follows:

Type of VehicleCost per Day
Towing Devices$20

For additional mileage, you will have to pay $0.40 / mile.

Once you complete your move, you must return a clean vehicle with a full fuel tank. 

What Additional Services Does U-Haul Offer?

U-Haul offers various additional services, including:

  • Boxes for Packing
  • Tape
  • Packing Supplies
  • Storage
  • Locks
  • Ropes and Tie Downs
  • Moving Labor
  • Moving blankets

Some of the equipment may not be available for local movers and cost extra money.

U-Haul also buys back the boxes you do not use. The company offers free shipping for orders over $100 within the United States and over $150 in Canada.

Moving labor is available through an online marketplace that gives you access to the moving companies in your area. These companies offer affordable help. You can rent their services for a minimum of two hours. 

The labor will arrive when you want and help you move in or out.  

How To Rent a U-Haul

So, you now know that you can rent a U-Haul for more than a day (depending on availability), so let’s discuss how to go about renting one. The process is not too complicated, but it requires you to finalize everything before the pick-up. 

Here are the prerequisites for renting:

  • You must be 18 or over to rent any U-Haul vehicle. 
  • You must have a driver’s license.
  • You should bring an additional identification document such as your credit card.

Here are the steps for renting:

  1. Visit the nearest pick-up location.
  2. Discuss and finalize the size of the vehicle you want. 
  3. Finalize your pick-up and return dates.
  4. Reserve your U-Haul vehicle. 
  5. You can opt for added insurance coverage – this is an essential step if your insurance company does not cover rental truck damages. 
  6. Reserve any added equipment if you need it.
  7. Read the safety material.

You can make the payment through credit or debit card. You can avoid paying a deposit if you make your payment through a major credit card. Those paying with cash are required to pay a deposit — however, deposits cannot be made in cash.

Deposit prices are as follows:

  • For an in-town move, $100 or rental charges (whichever is greater)
  • For a one-way move, $100


U-Haul offers convenient and affordable rental services. With more than 22,000 locations, U-Haul makes arranging vehicle pick-up and return easier than ever. Adding additional days and mileage gives you the opportunity to schedule your move without worrying about time constraints.

With that said, U-Haul does have strict return policies. As such, it’s imperative that you pay upfront for additional days when reserving the vehicle.

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