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How Long Do Wawa Pretzels Last

Wawa pretzels are a staple of the snack options available at this major chain. Soft pretzels, stuffed pretzels, and bagged pretzels are a few of the pretzel varieties that Wawa has available for purchase. However, if you’re not able to finish your Wawa pretzel in one sitting, you may be wondering how long you can store it and keep it fresh.

Wawa soft pretzels will last approximately 24 hours without proper storage techniques. If stored correctly in the fridge or freezer, though, they will last longer. Other pretzels, including stuffed and packaged pretzels, may also last longer if the correct storage methods are taken.

Wawa pretzels can last the entire day if you don’t finish them all at once.  Read on to learn more about this topic, including how to know if a pretzel has gone bad, how to keep pretzels fresh, and whether or not they need to be frozen or refrigerated.

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How To Know if a Pretzel Has Gone Bad

Pretzels are tasty treats that many people enjoy.  Soft pretzels are delectable, but they tend to go bad rather quickly. So how can you know if it’s too late to eat a soft pretzel?

The best way to know if a soft pretzel has gone bad is to check its smell and appearance. If a pretzel smells bad, has an off taste or appearance, or if you can see mold developing, then you should throw it away.

Eating spoiled food is never a good thing to do. While you probably won’t become ill, there is always a possibility of feeling sick after eating food past its expiration date.

It is doubtful that you will become sick from eating mold. So, if you take a bite of an expired pretzel with mold, you can feel better knowing that the worst that may happen is a slight stomach ache. However, if you develop worsening symptoms, you should visit your doctor.

Do Soft Pretzels Need To Be Refrigerated?

The fridge is an excellent way of keeping food from getting stale, moldy, and otherwise rotten.  If you get a pretzel that you want to keep fresh, you may be wondering if you should keep it in the fridge.

You should refrigerate soft pretzels if you aren’t going to eat them right away. Refrigerating soft pretzels is an effective way of extending the shelf life of the food. If you get a soft pretzel, you can keep it fresher longer by refrigerating it for up to three days.

Stale Pretzels

Soft pretzels don’t usually last very long. If you don’t refrigerate them, they will likely go bad after about 24 hours.

This article from Prepared Cooks details how long each pretzel type lasts, including the stuffed pretzels, soft pretzels, and sweet, sugar-coated pretzels.

Can You Freeze Wawa Pretzels?

Freezing foods is often the best way to keep them fresh. Freezers also allow people to extend shelf lives for months on average with certain food types. You may be wondering if freezing a Wawa pretzel is the best way to keep it from going bad.

You can freeze Wawa soft pretzels. However, soft pretzels are best to freeze while still fresh. Before freezing, ensure that it is cooled to room temperature, wrapped, and then frozen. Pretzels can last up to a month when frozen.

Freezing Wawa pretzels is a way to preserve their freshness and keep it for another time. However, it’s important to remember to wrap the pretzels to protect them in the freezer. 

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Can You Freshen Up Stale Pretzels?

stale pretzels

If you have a tasty snack that you have forgotten about, like pretzels, they quickly become stale without intervention. Thankfully, heat can help pretzels regain their freshness.

You can freshen up stale pretzels by placing them on a cookie sheet and preheating your oven to about 350 °F (176.7 °C). Once your oven is at the correct temperature, place your cookie sheet with your pretzels into the oven and let them cook for about five minutes.

They should be restored to their tasty freshness when you take them out of the oven. Usually, a quick reheat can fix pretzels and allow them to taste good as new. If you had frozen your pretzel, this is also a great way to reheat it so that it will taste fresh again.


Wawa has many different types of pretzels, including soft pretzels, stuffed pretzels, sugar-coated pretzels, and pre-packaged pretzels. If you’re a pretzel lover, Wawa is the place for you. But, if you don’t feel like finishing a pretzel or want to save this tasty snack for later, you may want to know how to save it.

There are several ways to preserve pretzels, including freezing, refrigerating, and wrapping.  Unfortunately, soft pretzels have a reasonably short shelf-life, so you’ll want to eat them within a couple of days before they go bad.

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