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How To Track HelloFresh Delivery

If you’re using HelloFresh for the first time, you might be having a hard time figuring out how the minor details of their delivery system work. One issue that might be of particular concern is knowing when the HelloFresh package will get to you. Can you track HelloFresh delivery, and how convenient is it?

Here are three ways you can track your HelloFresh delivery: 

  1. Through the HelloFresh online tracking system. 
  2. Through the HelloFresh app. 
  3. Using your courier’s notification and tracking system.

In this article, I’ll explain each method of tracking a HelloFresh delivery. I’ll also shed light on some delivery-related issues that can be confusing when you first start using the popular meal-kit service. 

HelloFresh delivery

1. Through the HelloFresh Online Tracking System

The simplest way to track your HelloFresh delivery is through the company’s tracking system. HelloFresh allows you to begin tracking your order as soon as you check out. 

Once you’ve successfully checked out, HelloFresh will send you a confirmation email that contains: 

  • Your order number.
  • The tracking number of your order.
  • The total cost of the order.
  • Shipping details.

You can use the tracking number from the confirmation email to know when your delivery will arrive. To do this, sign in to the HelloFresh website and input the tracking number into the “Track Order” section. 

In addition to letting you know the expected arrival day and time of your order, HelloFresh enables you to access the live location of your delivery using a tracking link. 

The HelloFresh Tracking Link

On the day of your delivery–usually the morning of–HelloFresh will send you a delivery email. The email typically contains a message to notify you that your package is arriving that day and prodive you with a tracking link.

You can click on the link to track your delivery. Doing so will enable you to virtually accompany your box on its journey to the address you provided. 

Tracking Through the HelloFresh Website

You can track your HelloFresh delivery through the orders section of the HelloFresh website. To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the login page on the HelloFresh website. 
  2. Log in using your email and password. 
  3. Navigate to the account dashboard. 
  4. Navigate to the “My Orders” section. 
  5. Click on the order you want to track from the list. 

Following the process outlined above will give you access to the current status of your order. 

woman using smartphone and ordering online

2. Through the HelloFresh App

The HelloFresh app comes with many advantages, including access to a large bank of curated recipes and step-by-step cooking guides. Additionally, the app can help you track your HelloFresh delivery. 

When tracking delivery with the HelloFresh app, you can get updates whenever your order status changes. While the tracking link gives you the live location of the delivery, the app helps you track everything that happens after you order. 

You’ll get a notification: 

  • After checkout. 
  • When the order is processed. 
  • When the package is loaded into delivery vehicles. 

Downloading the HelloFresh app is the easiest way to stay on top of your HelloFresh delivery.

3. Using Your Courier’s Notification and Tracking System

HelloFresh uses FedEx, UPS, and a number of regional couriers. Their choice of courier mostly depends on your delivery address. 

The shipping details of your order contain your courier’s details. Once you learn which courier HelloFresh is using to deliver your meal kit, you can use that courier’s delivery notification system. 

Signing up to the notification system will enable you to track your delivery through alerts. For example, if you are using FedEx, you will get an email when the package ships and another when it is delivered. 

Problems With HelloFresh Tracking

Once you successfully checkout, HelloFresh is supposed to generate a tracking number for your order and send it in a confirmation email. This tracking number helps you track your order. Without it, you might be unsure when the delivery will arrive, which can be inconvenient. 

In rare circumstances, HelloFresh won’t automatically generate a tracking number for your order. In such cases, you can chat with HelloFresh support on their website to retrieve your tracking number.

Once you have the tracking number, you’ll be able to use your courier service even if you can’t track your order using HelloFresh’s internal tracking system. 

Frequently Asked Questions About HelloFresh Delivery

When you are new to HelloFresh, their system can be a bit confusing. Below is a list of some common questions, along with their answers. 

Do You Have To Be There When the Delivery Is Made?

You don’t have to be there when a HelloFresh delivery is made. Unlike other delivery systems, HelloFresh doesn’t require you to sign upon delivery. The courier can leave your package with someone else or at the door, so you don’t have to be physically present when the delivery is made.

HelloFresh allows you to give additional special instructions when you know you won’t be there to receive the package. You can ask them to leave it at the gate, on your porch, at the front desk, and more. 

HelloFresh also allows you to change the delivery day if you want to make sure you’re there to receive the package. Simply change your delivery window before the package ships! 

How Long Can the Food Last Before Putting It in the Fridge?

HelloFresh meal box

You might be worried that your food might go bad if you’re not there to receive the package and put the food in the fridge. 

HelloFresh guarantees that the food can stay up to twenty-four hours from delivery at room temperature without being refrigerated. Considering that it will probably take you only a few hours to get home, there’s no chance the food will go bad. 

HelloFresh packages can last that long without refrigeration because they come equipped with both ice packs and vacuum packs. The ice packs help keep the food cool while the vacuum packs are there in case the ice packs melt. They isolate the already cooled air so that the food stays cool and fresh. 

This cooling system is effective, and you can rest assured that your food won’t go bad simply because it was left outside for a few hours by the delivery man. 

Final Thoughts

Tracking your HelloFresh delivery is extremely simple. You can track your package either through the tracking link in your confirmation email, through the HelloFresh app, or through the shipping company’s internal tracking system. If you can’t find your tracking number for any reason, contact HelloFresh support for help retrieving it.

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