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Is Wawa Good To Work For?

Wawa is a highly popular chain of convenience stores on the East Coast with a current total of over 950 locations, 750 of which also have gas station services. This privately held company operates in six states and the Washington D.C. area, but its reputation reaches well beyond those borders.  

The general consensus among its employees is that Wawa is a good company to work for. With such a large number of stores and further expansion in the works, Wawa has an up-to-the-task army of over 35,000 associates deployed across their locations, and most of them seem to enjoy their jobs.

To find out more about Wawa’s work environment, compensation plans, and how their employees, former and present, rate them, keep reading. 

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How Wawa Is Rated by Employees

Wawa’s services and products are of a quality one can proudly stand behind. The company takes a keen interest in its associates’ welfare and affirms its commitment to helping them build sustainable futures. 

However, the associates’ experiences do vary across different locations with different sets of management and coworkers to integrate with. While some speak glowingly about their time with Wawa, others express less enthusiastic sentiments.

Company Ratings by Employees

Wawa’s employees, or associates as they are called, give voice to their opinions through the reviews and ratings they leave on the internet. Some notable websites that host this type of feedback include: 

  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • CareerBliss
  • Niche
  • Comparably

Wawa holds a rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 stars, determined by 2,828 votes on Glassdoor, while it garnered a slightly better rating of 3.9 stars bestowed based on 4,312 reviews on 

Furthermore, Wawa holds an average 4.0-star rating on CareerBliss and an even more impressive 4.5 stars on Niche. And to round it off is a rating of 76% positive reviews on Comparably. 

Wages lists Wawa’s average base hourly rate for associates at $12.97. But to get into the specifics, there are different job titles with a respective rate attached to each one of them.

The cashier brings in the least with an average of $11, while the customer service associate, sales associate, and customer service representative (CSR) positions each come with an average of $12. 

Additionally, the customer service team leader sees an average of $14 compared to the customer service supervisor’s average of $16.

And lastly, the food and beverage manager brings in the most, collecting a cool $19 per hour on average. 

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Wawa is one of the country’s most popular convenience stores despite operating within the boundaries of only six states. It has a history of topping consumer surveys for the right to be named America’s favorite sandwich shop. 

This fondness for Wawa is not limited to its customer base but resonates with its associates and many more seeking employment with the company. And this is primarily down to the culture.

Wawa fosters a culture that its associates, many of whom are teenagers or people with little to no work experience, appreciate and value. Family-like bonds are established among the teams of associates. And this helps promote each individual’s personal and professional growth. 

Indeed, even those who have had negative experiences working for the company have cited these bonds with other associates as instrumental in keeping them afloat. And where management is criticized, praise is often still reserved for the company’s culture. 


Wawa convenience store

Wawa offers a number of benefits for its associates, some of which can also be extended to their dependents and spousal or domestic partners.

Most of these benefits pertain to the associates’ health. They include:

  • Medical coverage
  • Short and long-term disability coverage
  • Critical illness and accident/injury
  • Dental and vision plans

Associates may also avail of annual wellness screenings and health coaching. 

Moreover, insurance benefits include basic life & accidental death & dismemberment insurance and supplemental life insurance.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Wawa particularly takes pride in its 401(k) plan after first becoming an ESOP company back in the year 1992. A little over a decade later, its shares were valued at $900. It has since grown to $14,000 by 2020. 

Wawa’s ESOP presents an opportunity for associates to take stock in the company where a 40% ownership stake currently belongs to 13,000 participating associates, with the door open for more to take part.

With several Wawa associates reportedly crossing over to the realm of retirement as millionaires, the company’s employee stock ownership plan is becoming increasingly attractive to current and would-be employees.

Education Assistance Program

Perhaps, an even more attractive offer Wawa holds for its associates is the Education Assistance Program. 

Most seek employment with this company merely as a stepping stone toward other endeavors, and an educational degree is certainly something that holds allure and could propel them closer toward their goals. 

Associates who are eligible for the Education Assistance Program can avail of this benefit and receive monetary aid in completing a GED, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or graduate degree from accredited learning institutions. 

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

Wawa’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion creates an excellent and welcoming environment for people of all races, ethnic origins, and sexual identities. This is especially noteworthy in a social climate perfused with racism, homophobia, and transphobia. 

To ensure the DE&I framework fulfills its objectives, five Wawa Innovation Networks (WINs) have been put in place. Some 9,000 associates across the 950 locations are involved in these groups, which include the following:

  • Rainbow Alliance
  • Unity Alliance
  • Veterans Alliance
  • Women’s Alliance
  • Young Professionals

These WINs overseen by members of Wawa’s Executive leadership team are a statement of the company’s commitment to inclusivity.

As a leader in the convenience store industry, Wawa sets a commendable example by actively creating a more diverse and inclusive environment for its associates and the community at large.


Wawa offers great benefits and fosters an excellent inclusive environment. But while current and past associates generally praise it, it should be noted that individual experiences vary across its 950 locations, with associates at some locations giving less favorable feedback than those in others.

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