ship uhaul boxes through ups

Can You Ship Uhaul Boxes Through UPS

Whether you’re moving house or need to send a package, boxing your items correctly could be the difference between your items arriving safely, damaged, or even arriving at all. Still, when we’re moving or sending a package, the box or packaging is usually the last thing on our minds, and we rush to grab whatever is most convenient or the cheapest. But can you use a U-Haul box if you’re shopping through UPS?

You can ship any box, including U-Haul boxes, through UPS as long as they meet the required size. You must also cover any barcodes and other codes specific to a non-UPS company. 

Continue reading to learn how to ship U-Haul boxes through UPS.

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Will UPS Ship U-Haul Boxes?

UPS will ship U-Haul boxes and any other box as long as they fit their size and weight requirements. You must also cover any visible barcodes to prevent confusion.

U-Haul boxes are great for shipping as they come in various sizes and thicknesses. You can choose the type of box that suits your needs. For example, if you have a heavy item, it would make sense to pack it in a heavy-duty box that will carry its weight without tearing or breaking.

While most shipping companies suggest using a new box for shipping your things, as long as the box is not broken, torn, or damaged, which could comprise the safety of your items, it makes sense to reuse a box that you already have. Not only is it cheaper, but it is better for the environment.

If you have a U-Haul box that you’d like to use, you must cover any barcodes and information. Leaving U-Haul barcodes and unrelated information visible can cause confusion, and UPS may use the wrong codes. 

The best way to cover the barcodes is to use dark stickers or masking tape. However, if you’re using this option, you should make sure they stick firmly and won’t become unstuck in transit. The other option is to color over the barcodes using a permanent marker or a sharpie. 

Size and Weight Limits

You can ship almost anything legal to ship via UPS, but there are size and weight limits you have to follow. These limits ensure that your items arrive safely and do not cause damage to other packages during transit. Here are the size and weight limits you should keep in mind if you plan on shipping through UPS:

  • The weight limit is 150 pounds (47.63 kg)
  • The length limit is 108 inches (2.74 m)
  • These weight and length limits are for a single package, not a combination of multiple packages.
  • Depending on the contents, some packages may have different size and weight restrictions.
  • You may need to use freight shipping for packages over the weight and size limits.

The Best Way To Pack a U-Haul Box

Whether you’re moving house, sending a once-off package, or a small online business that ships products regularly, the way you pack the box can be the difference between your items arriving intact or damaged. 

Ideally, you should pack your items in a corrugated box, especially if they are fragile or heavy. Corrugated boxes are less flexible and remain rigid even when handled roughly. They’re also less likely to get damaged in transit. 

If you don’t have a corrugated box and prefer an ordinary U-Haul box, this is fine, too, as long as you pack it correctly. The box you choose should be sturdy and undamaged, meaning it must not have tears, water damage, or bends on its surface. 

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Once you have your box, here’s how you can ensure your things are packed securely:

  • Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap to protect it when boxes are handled and in transit. If you don’t have bubble wrap, you can use cloth or sheeting but make sure to wrap a few layers if the fabric is too thin. 
  • Place the heavier items at the bottom if you’re packing an assortment of things into a box. If you put heavy objects on the top, they will damage the lighter things underneath. 
  • Use cushioning to protect items from damaging each other inside the box. You can use packaging peanuts, styrofoam, or any pieces of cloth that you have. Wedge these cushioning items between your things inside the box to secure them and prevent them from moving and knocking against each other. 
  • When sealing your box, you must choose high-quality tape. It should be made from pressure-sensitive plastic or reinforced with nylon. The tape must be at least 2 inches (5.08 cm) wide. Duct tape, scotch tape, and craft tape are not suitable alternatives. These types of tape are not strong enough and may interfere with scanning equipment. 
  • Label your box clearly with all the required information. Ideally, you should use one label, as multiple labels can be confusing. If you print a label at home on ordinary paper, stick a layer of clear plastic over it to protect it. It’s very easy for a paper label to become damaged, making it difficult or impossible to read.

How To Get Free UPS Boxes

If you don’t have U-Haul boxes you can reuse and want to keep your packaging costs down, you may be able to get free UPS boxes.

If you’re a small business, you can get free shipping boxes and supplies like envelopes, stickers, and labels when you set up an account and ship your products through UPS. 

To get your free boxes and supplies, you can either order them online on the UPS website or pick them up from your nearest UPS retailer. If you order online, it will take a few days for your packaging to be delivered.

The number of free boxes and packaging supplies you may order is limited and determined by the number of packages you ship through UPS. Also, remember that not all the box sizes are free. If you need extra-large boxes, you will need to pay for them. 

Final Remarks

You can ship U-Haul and any other boxes through UPS as long as they meet the required size and weight requirements. If you opt to use a U-Haul box, you must ensure you cover the barcode and any other information so there is no confusion at the UPS hub. 

Always pack your box carefully to ensure the contents arrive safely and in one piece. 

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