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Does HEB Price Match?

With the rising cost of food and other necessities, more people are looking for ways to save money at the grocery store. Most stores, including HEB, offer ways to save with coupons and loyalty programs. Yet, consumers have always loved the idea of their favorite store price matching competitors.

HEB does not price match. While that may be a disappointment to hear, this company does offer competitive prices and many other ways to help its shoppers stay savvy. It may change, so check for policy updates or contact your local store. 

There are fewer stores now with a price match policy, but there are other benefits to consider while planning your shopping trip. This article will dive into HEB, its prices, and the additional ways you can save money by shopping at its stores.

HEB Store in the Austin Area During cold weather

Quality Goods at Competitive Prices

HEB utilizes local and community resources to keep its shelves stocked with fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and other products. This strategy allows the company to save costs on outsourcing and transportation while providing higher-quality goods. 

Forming these local partnerships allows HEB to continue to offer competitive prices while also supporting the local ranchers and growers in the surrounding communities.

Click 2 Houston compared grocery store prices in the Houston area. HEB had comparable prices between Aldi, HEB, Kroger, Joe V’s Smart Shop, and Walmart, landing in the middle of the five stores evaluated. Joe V’s Smart Shop, a discount chain owned by HEB, was the cheapest.

It’s apparent this Texas supermarket chain captured the hearts of its consumers after Dunnhumby released the 2020 Retail Preference Index: U.S. Grocery Channel Edition. HEB ranked #1, bumping down its competitors as the preferred grocery retailer based on price and quality value.

Ways To Optimize Your Savings at HEB

Everyone loves to save money. Along with HEB’s weekly sales ads, there are events, promotions, and other ways to save. Let’s go through how to optimize your savings with HEB.

Points Club Rewards

First, if you haven’t already, sign up for the loyalty program, Points Club Rewards. This program keeps track of your purchases, and you earn 5 points for every $1 spent (you gain even more points during bonus events). These rewards are disbursed to you four times a year. 

one dollar

Follow on Social Media

Stay up to date on the news (including new local partnerships), sales, and events by following HEB on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

They also share:

  • Special deals
  • Tips
  • Recipes
  • Virtual cooking classes.


Coupons are a fantastic way to save money. Lining them up with current sales will result in even better savings! 

HEB accepts digital and paper coupons. They will also take competitor coupons as long as they say ‘manufacturer coupon’ with a clear barcode. 

Download the HEB app to scroll through the many coupons available and quickly select the ones you want. The digital coupons are automatically applied at the register using your Points Club Rewards card. 

You cannot use digital and paper coupons together for the same item. If you attempt to use both, the register will accept the paper coupon and reload the digital coupon back to your account. 

You can obtain the paper coupons by signing up to receive mail promotions, checking the local paper ads, signing up for email promotions (on their website), and printing from an online resource. 

The Krazy Coupon Lady notes watch for yellow coupons below products placed throughout the store. In addition, a monthly magazine, My HEB Texas Life, includes about $40 worth of coupons. So, don’t forget to look for those while you’re shopping.

Once you complete your purchase, a basket coupon will print with your receipt. 

basket coupon

FYI: At this time, the only coupons accepted when using curbside and delivery are digital. 

Look for In-Store Savings

There are locations throughout the store offering more significant savings on items, so knowing the store layout is beneficial. However, the advertising display often stands out. While you’re navigating the isles, be on the lookout for these: 

  • Combo Loco. These promotions provide savings by purchasing the combination items listed on the sign. 
  • Clearance. These sections, including refrigerated items, can have items up to 50%-70% off. 
  • Yellow coupons. These are placed with products, offering additional savings.
  • Meal Deals. These are promotions giving you free items when you purchase the required items.

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Final Thoughts

Price is only part of what influences consumers when deciding where to buy their groceries. Whether they are or are not the cheapest, consumers also look for value and quality. This supermarket chain takes pride in the state and the communities it serves, and it shows.

Even though HEB has not implemented a price match policy, the company understands its savvy communities by providing quality goods and competitive prices. When you take advantage of the Points Club Rewards and the other money-saving resources they provide, you can significantly chisel down the final balance of your shopping trip.

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