Will U-Haul Price Match (Budget, Penske, Enterprise)?

Are you looking for ways to enjoy a safe, happy rental ride? If so, you might be tempted by U-Haul’s reputation since they’re trusted, practical, and accessible. However, recent economy-busting events have made saving our pennies all the more important, so we seek out the best value for our money.  

U-Haul will occasionally price match, but they do not have an official price matching policy. Unofficially, they may match quotes from other moving companies in some cases. Negotiating a price match with U-Haul may also be possible, depending on how you contact them and who you speak to. 

The rest of this article will explain why looking for a price match with U-Haul is a good idea, how you can get one, and suggest strategies to help you save cash by scoring a price match with U-Haul. 


Why Look for a U-Haul Price Match?

What’s the best way to decide which company to give our hard-earned cash to? Whichever company gives us the best value for our money, right? Because when it comes to shopping, most of us want to find the best deals on the services we need. 

You should look for a U-Haul price match to save money and avoid overpaying for a rental service. There are plenty of companies to rent vehicles from that are all moderately priced and offer the same type of service as U-Haul. 

You can find plenty of companies other than U-Haul that offer price matching and services like: 

  • Van, car, and truck rental 
  • Moving supplies and services 
  • Various locations
  • Customer service 
  • Choice of vehicle size 

However, how do you react if something you buy decreases in price a few days later? Or what if Budget, Penske, or Enterprise have the best price on the removal service you want, but it’s more convenient to rent from U-Haul due to their many locations?

Then we look for matching price options because it saves money by ensuring we get the best price on the item we want. Let’s consider why we may need to ask U-Haul to price match.

Will U-Haul Price Match Budget?

U-Haul does not price match with Budget. U-Haul is a top-rated moving service that competes against brands such as Budget, so they usually have competitive pricing but never quite match each other’s fees. 

U-Haul has more locations, but according to move.org, Budget’s local moving prices, at $27.61 + $0.47 per mile, are the lowest among the best moving truck rental companies. 

If U-Haul is the only option in your area (because Budget doesn’t operate where you live), you may want to ask U-Haul to price match a service found on Budget.

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Will U-Haul Price Match Penske?

U-Haul does not price match with Penske. As stated earlier, there is no official price match policy at U-Haul, but you may find yourself lucky enough to get a representative who can cut you a deal if you find yourself drawn to Penske. 

Penske offers better long-distance moving prices, higher customer reviews, and reliable reservations. Maybe you’re one of those who fear the uncertain and appreciate Penske’s guaranteed reservations

However, because Penske is more expensive to operate in your local area, you may be interested in asking U-Haul to price match with Penske. 

Will U-Haul Price Match Enterprise?

U-Haul does not price match with Enterprise. Enterprise offers slightly different services than U-Haul, which keeps them from competing with each other directly. However, you might be able to get a price match from U-Haul if you try a few locations. 

You love their raving customer reviews, low mileage rates, and a wide choice of truck sizes (14 compared to U-Hauls 7). You’re about to book them for your rental, and notice Enterprise only offers local moves. 

They’re inconvenient to your needs. While U-Haul has the locations, it does not have the low mileage. So you ask U-Haul for a price match. 

Can You Negotiate With U-Haul?

You can negotiate a price with U-Haul despite its policy of not matching fees. In general, those who have price-matched with U-Haul report that trailer rentals and one-way moves are more likely to be accepted than other types of services.

However, be aware that their price matching will depend on availability in your area and how willing your customer service representative is to work with you. 

How To Ask U-Haul for a Price Match

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Price matching from U-Haul isn’t guaranteed, but there is no harm in asking.

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Call U-Haul: 1-800-789-3638
  • Email U-Haul: service@U-Haul.com
  • Write to U-Haul: Head Office, U-Haul International, 2727 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004, United States
  • Chat online with U-Haul: online chat service
  • Find a local U-Haul store: locations 

Tips For Getting a Price Match With U-Haul

Plenty of stores have price-matching policies, but sometimes consumers must jump through many hoops to get retailers to match their competitors’ prices. Do the following to improve your chances of a successful price match:

  • Customer service representatives may be unable to match prices, so ask for a manager if they cannot.
  • You will need the competitor’s pricing. So make sure you already have a Budget, Penske, or Enterprise quote ready.
  • Instead of going in guns blazing intent on the biggest haggle of your life, set up a reservation rental appointment in-store before asking for a price match, if possible. 
  • If your efforts at price matching in your local area aren’t paying off, ask to be transferred to your local store.

You can find all contact options on the U-Haul website. Also, they are open to negotiations if you want to buy a truck from U-Haul. Of course, this is only relevant to purchasing trucks, not renting any of their other services. 

Does U-Haul Offer Discounts?

It is possible to get a U-Haul discount. If they cannot match a competitor’s price, there are still various ways to save. They offer discounts on their website. 

And some of them include:

  • Hotel discounts
  • Moving supplies
  • Storage discounts
  • Coupons 
  • Free hitching and towing 
  • Business and long-distance discounts

Note: discounts and special offers are applied automatically during the reservation process. 


If you’re still looking for a U-Haul price match, it’s crucial to pick the right vehicle rental company. You want a company that offers the best value for your money and can provide you with a smooth move.

It’s essential to remember that U-Haul will have different operating expenses, so a price match policy may benefit consumers but not necessarily the company due to high operating costs

However, even though U-Haul does not offer price matching, it doesn’t mean you can’t try. And if that fails, discounting is always possible because who doesn’t love a good deal?

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