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How To Drop Off a U-Haul After Hours 

Dropping off a U-Haul after hours is simple. If you have rented a U-Haul and want to return it early, overnight, or any other time when the U-Haul business is closed, this guide will help you. 

Here’s how to drop off a U-Haul after hours:

  1. Sign in to the U-Haul app and park. 
  2. Log U-haul vehicle mileage. 
  3. Record remaining fuel. 
  4. Upload vehicle photos to the U-Haul app.
  5. Report any damage. 
  6. Fill out the questionnaire. 
  7. Upload parking spot photo. 
  8. Don’t forget your belongings. 
  9. Review and complete the return. 
  10. Lock up and drop off the key.

If you have rented a U-Haul and need to return it after hours, this guide can help you get it done! You can complete your U-Haul drop-off in thirteen easy steps and be on your way, no matter what time of day. 

uHaul moving truck parked in an otherwise empty parking lot

1. Sign Into the U-Haul App and Park

The first step to dropping off a U-Haul vehicle is to sign in to your U-Haul account on your mobile smart device and select “Return My Truck.” You should find this option by clicking on the matching truck icon on the app.

View where the app shows adequate parking and make sure to park there.

  • It is important to park in the designated parking zones for U-Haul Rental drop-off.
  • Do not block entryways or exits to roads or buildings.
  • If you leave the U-Haul where it should not be and get towed, you will be responsible for the ticket and a $30 service fee.

2. Log U-Haul Vehicle Mileage

Enter the current vehicle mileage and upload a picture of the odometer. Make sure the mileage can be read clearly in the photograph, or you might be incorrectly charged. You may even use a cab light or a flash in your photo if it is nighttime. 

3. Record Remaining Fuel

Check the fuel gauge, record how much is left, and upload an image of the indicator. 

  • Use an educated guess when estimating how much fuel is left. It won’t be perfect.
  • Make sure the gauge can be seen clearly in the photograph. 

4. Upload Vehicle Photos to the U-Haul App

Upload photos of the clean and empty bed or back and cab of the vehicle.

  • Before you return the vehicle, make sure it is empty.
  • Clean out garbage, unwanted items, boxes, or anything left over from moving.
  • Take care to wipe down surfaces to leave them clean for the next renter.

5. Report Any Damage

Verify if there is any new damage to the vehicle and upload pictures if there is.

  • Report any damage, no matter how minor.
  • Accurately describe where this damage is on the U-Haul.
  • Describe what occurred to cause this damage.
  • Take photos of the damage, if there is any.
  • Upload the photos to the app. 

6. Fill Out the Questionnaire

Answer the vehicle maintenance survey to log any problems with the vehicle. This will help the company keep its vehicles maintained and safe for use.

Questions you can expect:

  • Did you have mechanical issues with the U-Haul?
  • Did you have electrical problems with the U-Haul?
  • Did you have any other issues with the U-Haul?

7. Upload Parking Spot Photo

u-haul moving truck rental location

Take a picture of where you parked the vehicle and upload it.

  • Review whether or not you are in the right parking spot.
  • If you are unsure, the app will show you where the location’s available spots are.
  • If you are not parked in the acceptable zone, move there.
  • Do not block entryways or exits to roads or buildings.
  • Do not park too close to other U-Haul vehicles, regular vehicles, or buildings.

8. Don’t Forget Your Belongings

Take all of your possessions and leave additional rental equipment.

  • When you are ready to leave the U-Haul, make sure to grab all of your things.
  • If extra rental equipment is provided with the U-Haul, leave it in the cab or where you found the equipment stored. 
truck car with a large luggage compartment

9. Review and Complete the Return

Review the pending charges and select a method of payment. It is important to make sure that everything is double-checked for accuracy.  Choose the “Complete Truck Return” option. This will confirm that you have done all of the required steps to drop off the U-haul rental.  In a separate article, I discussed Does U-Haul Take American Express?

10. Lock Up and Drop Off the Key

Lock the U-Haul vehicle up. Don’t forget to check the cab and the back of the unit. 

Drop the key in the specified U-Haul dropbox located on the property.

  • Take your time to find the appropriate dropbox and double-check before dropping it in there.
  • Keys that aren’t left in the proper dropbox or not dropped off at all will add a $50 charge to your account. 

When Do U-Haul Rentals Have To Be Returned?

U-Haul rentals have to be returned as soon as you are done using them. The longer you keep the U-Haul, the more expensive the end charges will be. This is why U-Haul offers a way to drop off the rental vehicle 24/7 so you can drop off the U-Haul and be done with the process on your timeline. 

Can You Return U-Haul Rentals After Hours?

You can return U-Haul rentals at any time of day before hours or after hours. As long as you have a smart device and the U-Haul app downloaded onto it, you can log in and fulfill the rest of the process. Returning U-Haul rentals has been made convenient for dropping off U-Haul any time of day. 

Can You Return U-Haul Rentals Early?

You can return U-Haul rentals earlier than the time specified for the rental. This will save you money and get the U-Haul returned and out to someone else who needs it. As soon as you are done with your U-Haul and it is empty and cleaned out, you can start the process of returning the rental. 

Final Thoughts

As long as you can sign into your U-Haul app, the process is relatively quick and easy. Follow this guide step-by-step so you don’t miss any important stuff. 

U-Haul will typically verify all of your information the next business day. This is when they will gather information about the U-Haul vehicle, view the pictures, and compare them to the vehicle in-person. Any problems, damages, or other fees will be applied to your bill, and you will be notified.

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