How To Lock U-Haul Truck

We all know that feeling. You’ve just loaded up your U-Haul truck with all your belongings and are about to drive off when you remember you didn’t lock the truck. So, can you lock the U-Haul truck, and how do you do that?

To lock a U-Haul truck, park it in a safe spot and roll the door down. After that, rotate the latch and thread a padlock through the hasp. Just ensure the padlock is big enough and can’t be easily cut with bolt cutters.

This post will show you how to lock a U-Haul truck. Read on for more information!

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1. Park the Truck in a Safe Location

The first step in locking your U-Haul truck is to park it in a safe location. It’s important to choose a spot that is well-lit and free of any potential hazards. If you park on the side of the road, be sure to put the hazard lights on.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when choosing a safe location to park your truck:

  • Look for a level ground spot so the truck doesn’t roll.
  • If possible, park in a garage or under a carport.
  • Avoid parking near trees, power lines, or other potential hazards.

In addition, ensure you turn the engine off and set the parking brake before you leave the truck.

2. Roll the Door Down

After you’ve parked in a safe location, the next step is to close the door at the back. Start by rolling the door down, so it is flush with the truck. Once the door is closed, you can engage the locking mechanism.

Most U-Haul trucks have a simple locking system that you can engage by turning a knob or lever on the rear of the door.

Some trucks may have a keyed lock, which will require you to use a key to engage the locking mechanism.

3. Rotate the Latch

Once the door is closed, it’s time to rotate the latch. That will secure the door shut and prevent it from being opened from the outside.

To rotate the latch, simply turn it until it is in the locked position. Here’s a video that shows how to do it:

4. Lock the Door With a Padlock (Optional)

For an extra layer of security, you can lock the door with a padlock. This is not required, but it’s a good idea if you want to be sure the door stays locked.

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Find a suitable padlock that will fit through the hasp on the door.
  2. Thread the padlock through the hasp and secure it in place.
  3. Make sure the padlock is locked before you leave the truck.

Does U-Haul Give You a Lock?

If you’re planning on renting a U-Haul truck, you may be wondering: do U-Hauls come with locks?

U-Haul does not give out locks to customers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t secure the doors of the truck. U-Haul sells high-quality locks specifically designed for their trucks.

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The locks are easy to install and provide an extra layer of security, ensuring your belongings stay safe during transport. So, even though U-Haul doesn’t give out locks, it’s still easy to protect your belongings while using their services. In this article, I also explain How To Adjust U-Haul Mirrors.

That being said, you can also buy your own lock to use with a U-Haul truck. Just be sure that the lock you choose is compatible with the hasp on the door. In addition, be sure to follow these guidelines when choosing a padlock for your U-Haul truck:

  • Choose a padlock made of high-quality materials. This will help ensure the lock is durable and can withstand tampering. Examples of high-quality materials include stainless steel and brass.
  • Look for a padlock with a hardened shackle. The shackle is the part of the lock that goes through the hasp on the door. A hardened shackle is more resistant to cutting and breaking, making it more difficult for thieves to break into your truck.
  • Choose a padlock with a weather-resistant seal. This will help ensure that the lock doesn’t rust or corrode over time.
  • Ensure the padlock is the right size for the hasp on the door. You don’t want a padlock that is too large or too small for the hasp. Otherwise, it won’t fit properly, and thieves could easily break into your truck.
  • Look for a padlock with a good reputation and warranty. This will help ensure you get a quality product that will last.

Note: If you need insights into how long you can rent a U-Haul, read this article I wrote previously.

Can U-Haul Trucks Be Locked?


U-Haul trucks can be locked. The simplest way to do that is by rotating the latch on the door so that it locks into place. You can also use a padlock to secure the truck.

That said, always ensure you have a key or the combination to the lock before you leave your truck parked somewhere. In addition, it’s best to know that locking a U-Haul truck isn’t the same as parking it in a secure location.

While you may lock the truck’s doors, the contents remain vulnerable to theft. If you’re worried about your belongings being stolen, it’s best to park the truck in a well-lit and busy area. You can also invest in a security system for your U-Haul truck.

Here are extra tips on how to keep your belongings safe while using a U-Haul truck:

  • Pack your belongings carefully. Ensure they are securely packed so they don’t shift during transport.
  • Label your boxes. That way, you’ll know what’s in each box and where it goes. That will also help you unpack more quickly and efficiently.
  • Use good quality packing materials. Invest in high-quality boxes and packing materials. That way, your belongings will be better protected against damage.

Are U-Haul Locks Good?

U-Haul locks are good. They’re sturdy and reliable, and they’ll keep your belongings safe and sound while you’re on the road. Plus, they’re easy to use, so you won’t have any trouble getting them set up properly.

Just be sure to choose the right size lock for the hasp on the door, and you’ll be all set.

That said, always remember that no matter how good the lock is, it’s not a substitute for parking in a well-lit and busy area.

Wrapping Up

So, that pretty much covers everything you need to know about locking a U-Haul truck. Just remember to choose a quality lock, and be sure to park in a safe location. With that in mind, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and sound on the road.

Remember, a U-Haul truck can be locked in two ways: by rotating the latch on the door or by using a padlock. Whichever method you choose, just be sure to have a key or the combination to the lock before you leave your truck parked somewhere.

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