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Can You Order Online From Buc-Ee’s?

Founded in 1982 in Clute, Texas, Buc-ee’s is a gas station and general store chain with locations throughout the southern United States. Buc-ee’s sells delicious snacks and foods as well as gas. But what if you live somewhere else and want to buy something from Buc-ee’s online?

You can’t order online from Buc-ee’s. Buc-ee’s doesn’t have its own website where you can buy its products, such as beaver nuggets, jerky, souvenirs, or accessories. However, you can buy Buc-ee’s products from third-party websites, notably Texas Snax and Amazon. 

In the rest of this article, I’ll provide more information about Texas Snax and Amazon and where they send Buc-ee’s products. I’ll also provide a brief history of Buc-ee’s and discuss three great items that you can buy online.

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Third-Party Sites Where You Can Buy Buc-Ee’s Products

Third-party sites are websites not affiliated in any way with the companies whose products they sell. This means that Buc-ee’s does not endorse, sponsor, or authorize the third-party sites you buy their products online from.

Despite Buc-ee’s not benefiting from you buying their products from third-party sites, it’s terrific if you don’t live near one of their locations or prefer to buy things online. 

Texas Snax

According to their about page, Texas Snax was created by people who love Buc-ee’s to share some of the best Texas snacks to people throughout the United States and other countries worldwide.

The website boasts that they have the largest selection, as well as the best prices, of Buc-ee’s products outside of the chain stores themselves. Some of the best-selling Buc-ee’s foods sold from Texas Snax include the:

  • Original beaver nuggets
  • Lemon crisps
  • 12 flavor gummi bears
  • Teriyaki beef jerky

Texas Snax also sells Buc-ee’s apparel and souvenirs, such as t-shirts, hoodies, onesies, and trucker hats.


Amazon is perhaps the largest online marketplace, with small and medium-sized businesses making up about 60% of their retail sales. 

Any Buc-ee’s product you buy from Amazon comes from a multitude of sellers, each charging their own separate prices, and some sellers offer Prime shipping while others don’t. 

You can buy basically everything from Buc-ee’s that you can buy online from Texas Snax, but the prices are likely to be different. If you’re worried about the prices of items from third-party online retailers, check each website before sending the item to your cart.

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What Is Buc-Ee’s?

Buc-ee’s is the quintessential Texas gas station/convenience store. Their locations are large, often with 80 to 120 fuel pumps for regular, ethanol-free, and diesel gas. Buc-ee’s has everything from gas to food to apparel, and there are 41 locations in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Florida.

Buc-ee’s brags that they have the cleanest restrooms in gas stations in the United States. This was proven after a nationwide contest from Cintas in 2012. 

The New Braunfels location also holds the world record as the world’s largest convenience store, at 66,335 square feet (6,162.7 square meters). 

Best Snack Foods To Get From Buc-Ee’s

Buc-ee's giant convenience store interior with beaver logo on ice chest

I’ve given you third-party websites where you can buy products from Buc-ee’s and told you a little about the company itself. Let’s go into some of the best snack foods you should buy when you go to Buc-ee’s or buy their food online.

While people love many products, these three are amongst the most popular Buc-ee’s snack foods: 

Original Beaver Nuggets

The original beaver nuggets are possibly the most popular, and famous, snack foods you can get from Buc-ee’s. Beaver nuggets are basically caramel-covered corn puffs. For those familiar with United States snack foods, beaver nuggets are very similar to Cracker Jacks.

Beaver nuggets are extremely sweet, so make sure to pace yourself and not eat too many at once! It’s very easy to get an upset stomach from eating too many of these too quickly. 

Glazed Pecans

Pecans are grown in Texas, so the pecans you get from Buc-ee’s are fresh and delicious. If you stop off at a Buc-ee’s in person, you can even get them warm, which is perfect for those cooler days.

Nuts are a great road trip food, and the glazed pecans you buy online are in resealable bags, keeping the pecans fresh longer than if left in the open.

However, you should be careful with how much of these you eat at once, especially if you’re trying to watch your weight, as pecans are high in calories, and they’re very easy to overeat.

Cherry Maple Beef Jerky

Another terrific road trip snack is beef jerky. Buc-ee’s beef jerky is much more than the average Jack Link’s, People’s Choice, or Orberto’s that you buy at any gas station or convenience store. Buc-ee’s beef jerky is freshly made, with tons of flavors to choose from. 

Some flavors include cherry maple, which I’ve provided a link for, hot & spicy, teriyaki, and garlic. 

A Buc-ee's gas station and convenience store.


Buc-ee’s is a chain gas station/convenience store located throughout the southern United States, well-known for having the cleanest gas station restrooms in the United States and delicious snack foods. 

While you can’t buy Buc-ee’s products from their website, third-party sites like Texas Snax and Amazon sell their snack foods and apparel. Three of the most popular snack foods sold at Buc-ee’s are beaver nuggets, glazed pecans, and cherry maple beef jerky.

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