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Are Used U-Haul Trucks Any Good?

U-Haul trucks are an excellent option for moving large and heavy goods across a far distance. New ones may be expensive, but more affordable U-Haul trucks are available. Still, are these used trucks any good?

Used U-Haul trucks are good; they are more affordable and perform just as well as new trucks. If you maintain them properly, they will remain in excellent condition for a long time.

Here’s all you should know before buying a used U-Haul truck, starting with the pros and cons and some helpful maintenance tips.

Pros and Cons of Used U-Haul Trucks

Needless to say, used U-Haul trucks are not fresh out of the factory. So, depending on how long they’ve been in use, they may not appear as high-quality as the new ones at first glance. Buying used U-Haul trucks presents both advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Used U-Haul Trucks

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Here are some advantages of buying used U-Haul trucks:

  • They’re affordable: Used U-Haul trucks are less expensive than new ones, and you won’t have to break the bank to acquire them. You can also improve their durability with adequate repairs and maintenance.
  • No performance worries: Old U-Haul trucks work pretty well. They can handle the same tasks as new trucks; put simply, similar capacity trucks can move the same goods across the same distance.
  • No documentation worries: One significant advantage of getting a used U-Haul truck is that you need not worry about documentation. The requisite documents are complete, including information about repairs and maintenance.

Cons of Used U-Haul Trucks

Although they have many notable advantages, used U-Haul trucks also present some challenges:

  • Extra repair costs. Used U-Haul trucks will need repairs or replacement of some parts when you purchase them. If they have a poor maintenance record, you may need to refurbish the entire truck. This would incur extra costs.
  • Requires professional maintenance. Used U-Haul trucks need professional maintenance. They’re not like your regular sedan or hatchbacks that can use general mechanics. A novice in the mechanical field who purchases a used U-Haul truck may not be able to maintain it even after refurbishing and repairing it.
  • Drivers should be experienced: Used U-Haul trucks are old, and some parts are already losing strength. So, you should never let a novice drive. Drivers should be professionals or those who have adequate mechanical training. In the event of a breakdown or vehicle malfunction, they’ll know what to do.
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How To Maintain Used U-Haul Trucks

Want to use your old U-Haul truck for as long as possible? Proper maintenance is vital. Here are a few tips on how to properly maintain the vehicle:

  • Routine checks. There’s no way around this. You must check your used U-Haul truck even more often than you would a new one. These checks should cover every part of the truck, such as tires, oil, brakes, horn, body, coolant, etc.
  • Replace damaged parts. Your checks will likely reveal parts that require changing. Never take any part of a used U-Haul truck for granted, especially before a moving trip.

Once you or your mechanic notices or detects a faulty part, fix it immediately. This will save you the stress of breaking down on the way or even causing accidents.

  • Ensure proper route inspection before a trip. Before embarking on a trip, ensure you inspect the route. Every route is unique with its challenges. If you can’t survey the routes, you could contact other truck drivers or enquire from local authorities.
  • Familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of the routes to your destination and prepare your truck beforehand. For instance, if the road to your destination is in bad condition, ensure you have spare tires, jacks, spanner, and other tools that may come in handy.
  • Cover it up. Don’t leave your truck in the open, as this is unhealthy for the body of the truck. Constant exposure to natural elements can accelerate corrosion. If you have space in your garage, park it inside. Otherwise, use a car cover to protect it. Remember, the vehicle is old, so it requires extra care.

Should I Buy a Used U-Haul Truck?

Now, onto the big question: Should you buy a used U-Haul truck?

You should buy a used U-Haul truck, as long as you consider factors such as the vehicle’s age, previous maintenance history, your technical knowledge or experience, and the state of the truck. If you lack mechanical knowledge, buying a used U-Haul Truck is not recommended.

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Don’t buy a truck that’s too old. Documentation will reveal the facts. An extremely old truck has probably been overused and won’t last for much longer. Also, you’ll likely spend more on refurbishing and maintenance. Documentation will also show previous maintenance records. 

A poorly maintained truck may become problematic to you. I recommend getting a professional to check it and advise you before parting with your money.

If you or your driver has technical knowledge or experience with U-Haul trucks (or large trucks in general), buying a used U-Haul truck shouldn’t be as much of a risk. You’ll manage it better as you always know what to fix and change when something goes wrong.

However, if you lack the mechanical skills for handling U-Haul trucks and don’t have a mechanically knowledgeable person close by, I would advise against buying a used U-Haul truck. 

Used U-Haul trucks will need plenty of work and inspections, which will be difficult for an inexperienced truck owner to handle. Maintenance, therefore, will require professional help, which implies extra costs and strain on your budget. I also wrote an article regarding Does U-Haul Sell Used Trailers?

Before You Buy a Used U-Haul Truck

If you still choose to get a used U-Haul truck, go with a truck expert to get the best available vehicle. Some used trucks may be totally out of shape, and you may not be able to recognize this on your own. Check that the vital parts are intact because they may be expensive to replace.


Used U-Haul trucks are good and will last longer if you maintain them properly. Like every piece of used property, they may not be in the best shape; still, with a few repairs and replacement of some vital parts, it can work just fine.

Professional maintenance and routine checks of every part of the truck are essential to extend the truck’s lifespan.

Before purchasing a used truck, consult with a mechanical expert to check that the truck’s vital parts are intact so you don’t spend too much on replacement.

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