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Do U-Hauls Have Bluetooth?

Moving is stressful, whether you’re moving down the road or to another state. One thing that helps ease the stress and calm your nerves is listening to music, especially if you’re driving a long distance. An easy way to listen to music and use your phone hand-free is to connect your phone to the Bluetooth in your vehicle. 

U-Hauls don’t have Bluetooth but Bluetooth isn’t your only option is to listen to the radio while you’re driving across the country. One option is to listen to music using an aux cable to connect your phone to the truck’s audio. 

Unfortunately, Uhauls are fairly basic vehicles that don’t come with many bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean your trip in a Uhaul has to be boring. Continue reading to learn how to make the most of your drive in a Uhaul.


Listening to Music in a U-Haul

Many of us don’t remember what it was like before Bluetooth, the internet, mobile phones, and apps when road trips consisted of car games and a stack of CDs and cassette tapes (depending on how old you are!) Still, there are so many ways you can enjoy your favorite tunes, even if the U-Haul you rented doesn’t have Bluetooth. Try one of the following:

Connect to the Vehicle’s Aux Port

Most trucks come standard with an auxiliary port. You can play music from any device that’s compatible with a 3.5mm Aux output plug. Using the aux cable, plug your phone, tablet, or MP3 player directly into the speaker. 

Look for the Aux Input socket, which should be on the dashboard or stereo, and plug one end of the cable into whichever device you’d like to use and the other end into the socket. To play the music, set the car stereo source to Aux Input. 


Many newer vehicles have a USB port. If your U-Haul does, there are two ways you can play music. You can play the music that’s saved on a USB stick, or you can use a USB cable to attach your phone to the speakers. If you’re playing music through your phone, your phone will also be charged when it’s plugged into the USB port. 

Headphones or Pods

You could play music directly from your phone or tablet, but if you feel the sound isn’t loud enough, you can use headphones or pods. 

Headphones are especially helpful if you’re traveling with someone who has a different taste in music than you. You each can listen to whatever you want, whether it’s a podcast, heavy metal, or the classics, without the other getting annoyed or bored with your choice. 

uhaul driver listening music using headphones

FM Transmitter

FM transmitters are small, portable devices that you can plug into your phone’s earphone socket or an MP3player. It works in the same way as an FM radio station by broadcasting your music over FM airwaves. The signal is much weaker, though, so it will only reach your U-Haul’s radio. 

To use the FM transmitter, plug it into your phone and then search for a frequency that’s not used. A good thing about this device is that you can use it to play music from your phone or MP3 player on any radio. 

Depending on the model, you will need to charge it. Some need to be charged by plugging them into an electric socket, some take batteries, and others need to be plugged into the cigarette lighter.


You may be surprised to find out that some U-Hauls have CD players. This might be a great time to retrieve your old CDs that have been gathering dust. You can use your move as a time to relive the greatest hits from the past and enjoy listening to some of your old favorites. 

Unique Features in a U-Haul

drop off a u-haul

While U-hauls might not be luxury vehicles that come with great entertainment, they are equipped to make your moving experience as easy and pain-free as possible. Some of these features include:

A Low Loading Deck

Unlike standard freight trucks, loading decks on U-Hauls are as low to the ground as possible, making it easier to load the truck with boxes, furniture, and other heavy items. 

Larger U-Hauls that are 15′ and above are fitted with wide, sturdy loading ramps allowing you to roll your stuff up the ramp and into the truck. These ramps help loading as you can easily move your things into the truck rather than trying to lift them. 

Tie Downs and Rub Rails

All U-Haul cargo vans and trucks are fitted with tie downs and rub rails as a safety measure. These gadgets keep your things secure, preventing them from moving around in transit and getting damaged. Larger trucks have special compartments above the truck’s cab that are meant to store fragile items, so they’re separate from your larger, heavier items. 

Safety Features for Easier Navigation

Most people aren’t used to driving large trucks and can be nervous, especially if the place you’re moving to is far away. To make it easier to navigate roads that you probably are not familiar with in a large truck you’re not entirely comfortable driving, U-Haul vehicles have big mirrors that improve visibility. 

The cab also has seat belts so that you can strap yourself in. U-Hauls can seat two to three people, depending on the size you hire, and the seats are in a row. If you’re planning on traveling as a family with your kids, it is probably not a good idea to rent a U-Haul. However, it is an excellent option for couples or single people. 

Final Remarks

While U-Hauls don’t have Bluetooth, there are many ways to enjoy listening to music on your drive. You can connect to a device like your phone, tablet, or MP3 player using the aux or USB port. You can also use an FM transmitter, play music on your phone through your headphones or bring along your old CDs.

U-Hauls might not be great for entertainment, but they make moving convenient by kitting the vehicles with nifty features like a low loading deck, tie downs and rub rails.

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