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Does Buc-ee’s Have Showers?

Buc-ee’s is beloved for its vast and clean bathrooms. Since the store’s facilities have floor-to-ceiling doors for their stalls and fully automated fixtures, weary travelers may hope to refresh themselves from the road with a hot shower. 

Buc-ee’s does not have showers, despite its spacious and comprehensive bathroom facilities. While the stalls are large enough to change your clothes, there is nowhere to rinse off the day’s drive. Still, it’s a great place to stop if you need to visit the bathroom.

Even without showers, Buc-ee’s has the best and cleanest bathrooms in the country, copious gas pumps, expansive stores, and immense car washes. Read on to learn more about Buc-ee’s famous restrooms and more fun facts about Buc-ee’s!

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Why Buc-ee’s Bathrooms Are So Great

Rest stop bathrooms are the last resort for most travelers. Only pure desperation inspires people to take a chance on a public restroom, braving the possibility of filthy facilities, empty toilet paper rolls, and overflowing trashcans. 

Buc-ee’s, however, provides a guaranteed positive bathroom experience. Buc-ee’s is a must-stop for weary motorists with plentiful toilets and fastidiously clean facilities.

The Cleanest Bathrooms in America

Buc-ee’s has forty-one locations, primarily located in Texas, but the New Braunfels location is undeniably the biggest and most celebrated store in the vast chain’s arsenal. Cintas named Buc-ee’s, New Braunfels, America’s Cleanest restroom in 2012. The award was determined via voting, with enthusiasts gushing over the near-constant cleaning crew, ensuring absolutely spotless facilities.

Buc-ee’s topped GasBuddy’s cleanest list of cleanest restrooms in both Texas and the United States for two years straight, from 2018 to 2019. GasBuddy is a smartphone application that connects drivers to rest stops. Travelers contribute ratings and reviews, which the application used to determine the cleanest bathroom, so the honor comes directly from the folks using the facilities. 

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Superior and Plentiful Features

There’s little worse than direly needing facilities and discovering every stall is occupied. Buc-ee’s is equipped with ample toilets — the New Braunfels location has a whopping 83 toilets. The stalls are roomy, plenty spacious enough for an ensemble change. The fixtures are cutting edge, and everything is motion-activated, including:

  • Toilets
  • Hand dryers
  • Sinks

Buc-ee’s bathrooms are full of art, making them far more elegant than traditional rest stop bathrooms. The Katy and Temple stores have tooshlights and alert systems outside of each stall to let users know if the individual closets are available or occupied. 

What Is Buc-ee’s?

Buc-ee’s is a wildly popular chain of rest stops located in the Southern US. Buc-ee’s provides fuel and groceries to weary travelers and beloved bathroom facilities. Shoppers can buy everything from fresh fudge to t-shirts adorned with the store’s Beaver mascot.

Buc-ee’s has locations in:

  • Texas
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Florida 
  • South Carolina

Additional stores are planned for:

  • Colorado
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri 
  • Tennessee

Buc-ee’s World Records

Buc-ee's chain

In addition to the cleanest bathrooms in Texas and America, Buc-ee’s holds two world records. We don’t usually associate rest stops and convenience stores with that particular honor; however, Buc-ee’s is uniquely qualified to maintain the records for The World’s Largest Convenience Store and The World’s Longest Car Wash.

The World’s Largest Convenience Store

Buc-ee’s, New Braunfels, currently holds the title of the World’s Largest Convenience Store. The store spans 66,335 square feet (6,163 square meters). Buc-ee’s, New Braunfels, has:

  • 120 gas pumps
  • 1000 parking spots
  • 83 toilets
  • 27 cash registers
  • 80 fountain dispensers
  • 33 urinals

However, the Texas location will be dethroned as the largest store in 2022 when Buc-ee’s opens a Tennessee location. This Buc-ee’s will have:

  • A 250-foot (76.2-meter) long car wash
  • 120 fuel pumps
  • Electric car charging stations

The 74,000 square-foot (6,875 square-meter) facility will be built on a 200-acre (81-hectare) lot in Sevierville.

The World’s Longest Car Wash

World’s Longest Car Wash may not seem like an honorific with much competition, but Buc-ee’s Katy, Texas location handily took the title in 2017. At 255 feet (78 meters) long, the Guinness certified Katy Buc-ee’s has a variety of scrubbers, washers, and multi-colored foam. 

Cars pass through the wash in five minutes, and sixteen vehicles fit in simultaneously. The Katy wash cost a staggering three million dollars to build, and the store has 120 gas pumps. 

Shopping at Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee's store

After you’ve gassed up your vehicle and used the restrooms, check out the many products Buc-ee’s sells. In addition to a vast array of groceries, Buc-ee’s sells prepared foods for hungry motorists and has a wall entirely devoted to beef jerky for the meat-lovers. The stores also sell an extensive variety of clothing and apparel, branded with the Buc-ee’s logo, as well as housewares.  


Buc-ee’s doesn’t have shower facilities, but don’t let that prevent you from stopping in to take advantage of their incredible bathrooms. Named the cleanest restrooms in the country by two separate organizations, the convenience store has the latest fixtures and features. 

Buc-ee’s offers more than just fantastic bathroom facilities, however. The many southern locations have ample fuel pumps, comprehensive shopping options, and enormous car washes. Guinness World Record holders and Buc-ee’s locations provide a welcome respite for travelers.

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