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Does H-E-B Drug Test Employees?

H-E-B is a private grocery store chain based in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 1905, they now have over 300 locations throughout Texas and northern Mexico, with more than 100,000 workers. With so much history, do they follow more recent hiring practices, like drug testing? 

H-E-B does drug test some employees, but most entry-level workers won’t have to take a drug test during onboarding. However, if you are hired in a safety-sensitive position, you likely will have to complete a drug test. H-E-B does random drug tests based on location and managers.

The rest of this article will go into depth about H-E-B’s drug testing policy and will discuss how the drug testing policy affects some common grocery store positions. I will also explain what happens if a Partner fails their drug test.

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H-E-B Drug Test Policy

H-E-B does not require any drug test for new hires, but all Partners must sign a Drug-Free Workplace Policy. This policy says that H-E-B has the right to alcohol and drug screen all Partners to keep the workplace safe for everyone. 

Partners who work in safety-sensitive positions are often drug tested before employment. Drug tests may also be given randomly, with reasonable suspicion, or after on-the-job injuries.

Partners of all levels are subject to random drug testing, from newly hired to working there for years, from entry-level positions to managerial positions. 

If a Partner refuses to take a drug test, it’s as if they failed the test. If a Partner fails their drug test, they are subject to termination. If an applicant fails a drug test, they must wait a minimum of six months before applying again.

What Is a Safety-Sensitive Position?

Safety-sensitive positions are jobs in which the employee or customers have the potential of getting injured. These jobs are often in the Transportation, Warehouse, Security, and Pharmacy Departments.

A poll found from The Grocery Store Guy found that about 90% of polled H-E-B Partners working in safety-sensitive positions were drug tested.

Typical safety-sensitive jobs include forklift drivers, food preparers, and security officers. Expect a drug test if you move from a non-safety-sensitive to a safety-sensitive position at H-E-B. 

What Type of Drug Test Does H-E-B Use?

H-E-B uses Urine Drug Screen (UDS) drug tests. These drug tests are quick and cheap compared to other drug tests. If a manager decides to drug test an applicant before hiring, they may use a saliva or mouth swab drug test. 

Does H-E-B Random Drug Test?

H-E-B does random drug tests, but these are up to the manager’s discretion. Their Drug-Free Workplace Policy that all Partners sign upon employment states that H-E-B has a right to randomly drug test Partners.

Despite the possibility of random drug tests, past and current H-E-B Partners have stated that they have never experienced or seen a random drug test or that they occur rarely. 

All drug tests occur at the manager’s discretion, so some H-E-B locations or areas drug test their Partners more often than others.

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Drugs H-E-B Tests For

H-E-B tests for the same drugs as other grocery stores and chains. They usually only use standard employee drug tests, so they will only look for evidence of drugs like:

  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Marijuana
  • PCP
  • Amphetamines

Does H-E-B Drug Test in Texas?

H-E-B drug tests in Texas as it is their legal right according to state law. However, not all H-E-B managers exercise their right to drug test partners. Still, various legal issues can arise from drug testing employees.

Some legal issues that H-E-B may run into with drug testing their Partners include:

  • Disability medication
  • Discrimination claims
  • Defamation claims
  • Invasion of privacy

Due to the legal issues from drug testing, H-E-B only drug screens Partners when the manager decides that it is needed. So, it’s more likely that there will be a drug screening day if the manager suspects that someone on the team uses drugs while on the job. 

H-E-B Drug Testing for Certain Positions

I’ve established that H-E-B rarely drug tests their employees overall. However, what about certain common positions in a grocery store? Do they drug test specific jobs more often, or are they more likely to test them more than others? 

Let’s look at five typical jobs at H-E-B and see if and how often, H-E-B drug tests them.

Does H-E-B Drug Test Night Stockers?

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H-E-B rarely drug tests night stockers. Their job is to restock the store after closing, so there is less concern for the physical safety of customers and Partners if a night stocker is using drugs than in other positions at H-E-B.

There are three instances where a night stocker will be drug tested:

  • They are chosen in a random drug test.
  • Management has reason to believe they are on drugs.
  • They got into an accident and were injured during their shift at H-E-B.

As I’ve stated before, the likelihood of getting drug tested depends on the Partner’s store location and manager.

Does H-E-B Drug Test Checkers?

H-E-B rarely drug tests checkers or cashiers. Their job is to scan items a customer buys and ensure customers get the correct change back when they pay with cash. There is little to no concern for the physical safety of people. Still, their ability to give correct change may be affected.

Like night stockers, checkers at H-E-B are generally only drug tested under the same three situations. However, checkers are highly unlikely to get into any accidents at work, so there’s an even slimmer chance that you’ll be randomly drug tested as a checker. 

Does H-E-B Drug Test Baggers?

H-E-B rarely drug tests baggers. Their job is to bag the grocery items a customer buys into bags and ensure nothing gets destroyed. Baggers are unlikely to cause physical harm to customers or other Partners. The only issue they may have is packing the bags correctly.

Again, baggers at H-E-B are only drug tested randomly, with reasonable doubt, or after a workplace accident. 

Does H-E-B Drug Test Part-Time Partners?

H-E-B drug tests part-time Partners, especially if they are in a safety-sensitive position. If the Partner works in a safety-sensitive position, they are much more likely to be drug tested than if they worked in a non-safety-sensitive position. 

Part-time Partners work in almost any available job, both safety-sensitive and non-safety-sensitive. Due to this, whether or not they get drug tested or how often drug testing may occur depends on their position, what store they work at, and the manager they have.

Does H-E-B Drug Test Curbside Delivery Partners?

H-E-B occasionally drug tests curbside delivery Partners. Curbside delivery Partners are those who bring people their groceries to their cars. The job is borderline safety-sensitive, as they handle items during business hours and may injure someone if they are on drugs and distracted.

drug test employee

Like every other job I’ve discussed, the reasons why a curbside delivery Partner may be drug tested is from random testing, reasonable doubt from management, or if they get into an accident on-the-job.

What Happens if a Partner Fails Their Drug Test

If a Partner fails their drug test, their test identifies drugs in their system. Also, if a Partner refuses to submit to a drug test, it is considered a failure. Then, the drug test administrator may suspend or fire the employee, or they can readminister the test. 

Three things may happen if a Partner fails their drug test:

  • The Partner is subject to disciplinary action such as termination of their job.
  • The Partner may appeal the accuracy of the drug test and request another — at their own expense.
  • The Partner may submit a medical record proving that they obtained the drug legally and is taken under prescription.

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