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How Does H-E-B Curbside Work?

H-E-B Curbside is a helpful service for our hectic times. You can order online from the convenience of your home and pick up your groceries whenever you want, streamlining the shopping process. So, no more waiting in queues, jostling with crowds of shoppers, and trudging up and down the aisles to locate what you want. 

H-E-B Curbside works via their website heb.com or the My H-E-B App. After placing your order and selecting a pickup time and date. When you come for your order, head to the parking spots designated for curbside pickup and text the number on the sign to have your order loaded in your car.

So, let’s get into the specifics. I’ll discuss H-E-B curbside’s charges, cancellation policy, how to order, how much time it takes for H-E-B to process an order, and how you can modify an order. 

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How Much Is H-E-B Curbside?

H-E-B Curbside is free for pickup orders with a minimum price of $35 before taxes, discounts, coupons, or promotions. Orders less than $35 are charged a $2.95 personal shopper fee for same-day and next-day pickups. All Home Delivery orders are charged a $5 delivery fee.

So, it pays off to buy more when you get your curbside groceries at H-E-B. However, you won’t have to pay any curbside delivery fees if you order your groceries at least two days in advance.

They also have cancellation charges, which I will discuss in a bit. 

H-E-B accepts SNAP EBT payments, even for their curbside pickup orders. You can make SNAP EBT payments using the My H-E-B app or heb.com. You can also split your payment and use a debit, credit, or gift card to pay for goods and fees not covered by SNAP EBT.  

Is H-E-B Curbside More Expensive?

H-E-B Curbside is more expensive. Customers may sometimes discover that certain items in their basket are more expensive than the prices inside the store. H-E-B clarifies that they have a 3% item charge on every Curbside item to cover the program’s cost and pay their in-store shoppers. 

So, although the price difference isn’t huge when you order your groceries with H-E-B curbside, you won’t get the in-store prices, either. 

Can I Change My H-E-B Curbside Time?

You can change your H-E-B Curbside time and date over the phone. You will have to call the store by phone to reschedule your pickup day or time. Otherwise, you may be required to pay a cancellation fee. 

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Can You Edit H-E-B Curbside Order?

You can edit your H-E-B Curbside order. You can add up to 20 items to your order as long as it is at least four hours before your pickup time. You can also remove items from your order as long as it is at least 24 hours before your specified pickup time. 

You can cancel your H-E-B Curbside order as long as your order still shows up as “pending.” If your order isn’t pending and your pickup time is within the next 24 hours, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. 

If you wait until the last minute, the in-store shoppers may have already spent time putting together the items you ordered, and they need to be paid. 

If you need to cancel your order, you can find a cancellation button under “Order Status” on their website or under their app’s “Order History” tab. 

How Do H-E-B Substitutions Work?

H-E-B substitutions work by allowing you to select whether you want substitutions or not. If you allow substitutions when you place your order, the in-store shopper will add an alternative to your basket to replace out-of-stock items. 

You will receive an email or app notification if your in-store shopper provides a substitution. If you don’t want what the shopper picked out for you, you can disapprove of it, and the shopper will remove the item from your shopping cart.

If you do not allow for substitution, H-E-B won’t charge you for the missing item.

H-E-B substitution also works in another way. H-E-B Curbside usually offers the “best available option” for popular products with equally popular generic brands. If you order one of these items online or in the app, you must choose the generic item. In addition, I wrote about Does HEB Ship Items?

How Long Does H-E-B Curbside Take?


H-E-B Curbside takes four hours to process orders. Depending on the pickup time you specify, you can pick your order up between four hours and seven days after your purchase. However, store hours still apply, so you cannot pick up an order during closing times. 

Can You Pick Up H-E-B Curbside Late?

You can pick up your H-E-B Curbside order late. H-E-B will hold your order until closing at the end of your specified pick-up day. If you cannot pick up your order on the scheduled day, your in-store shopper will call you to reschedule for a new date and time.

H-E-B Curbside does not penalize you if you pick up your order late as long as you get there on the pick-up day.

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What Happens if You Don’t Pick Up H-E-B Curbside?

If you do not pick up your H-E-B Curbside order till the end of the day, the personal shopper will reach out to you to reschedule the pickup. You can cancel your entire order online up to four hours before pickup or delivery. 

If you cancel less than 48 hours before your specific pick-up time, H-E-B will charge you $7.50 as a cancellation fee. You will also have to pay one-third of the total amount of your basket as a restocking fee. So, if you suspect you will have to cancel, it’s best to get it done at least two days before pickup. 

Can I Tip H-E-B Curbside?

You can tip the H-E-B Curbside driver for home delivery. This option will be available to you during checkout. However, H-E-B clarifies that no gratuity is included in the charges, and they discourage tipping their Curbside Partners.


H-E-B Curbside makes for convenient shopping. Keep the following in mind when you order from them online:

  • It takes approximately four hours to process your order; plan your errands accordingly.
  • H-E-B holds your order till the end of the day at the correct temperature; you don’t need to speed to reach their store.
  • They charge 3% more on every Curbside item; consider your domestic budget before ordering.
  • H-E-B charges no pickup fees for orders over $35, so consider buying in bulk from them to save more.
  • H-E-B discourages tipping their Curbside Partners.

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