Where Can I Park a U-Haul Overnight?

Renting a U-Haul for your next move is not a problem. The problem comes when looking for a place to park the U-Haul, especially overnight. You don’t want to get a ticket or leave your truck in an unsafe spot.

You can park a U-Haul overnight in supermarket and hotel parking lots, truck stops, residential areas, garages, and casinos. You just have to make sure you check the signs before parking. Do not park in reserved places like those for the disabled or VIPs.

In this article, I’ll talk about where you can safely park your U-Haul overnight. You’ll also get to know safety tips for parking a U-Haul overnight. Keep reading to find out how to keep your U-Haul truck safe as you enjoy an undisturbed, safe overnight haul.

parking truck overnight

When it comes to parking a U-Haul overnight, safety should be your number one priority. You don’t want to park in a secluded area where your truck could be vandalized.

Based on the consideration of security and safety, the following are places you can park a U-Haul overnight:

Supermarket and Hotel Parking Lots

If you plan to stay at a hotel, park your U-Haul in the hotel’s parking lot. Most hotels allow their guests to park overnight for free. However, it’s best to check with the hotel staff beforehand to avoid any problems.

For convenience, go for a hotel with overnight parking for RVs.

You can also park your U-Haul in supermarket parking lots. Often, these are open 24 hours and have good lighting, making them safe to park in overnight.

A good example is Walmart, which allows you to park and sleep in your U-Haul. However, you must consult the management because not all Walmarts allow overnight parking.

Like hotel parking lots, it is best to check with the store manager beforehand. Doing so will allow you to confirm that leaving your U-Haul in their parking lot is okay overnight.

Truck Stops

Truck stops are places where truck drivers can rest and refuel. They usually have showers, restrooms, and laundry facilities.

Most truck stops allow RVs and other large vehicles to park overnight on a first-come-first-serve basis. For instance, the Flying Ripon in California only has six free RV overnight parking spots.

Other truck stops charge between $10 to $20 to park for 24 hours.

Before parking, check the signs posted at the truck stop. Some do not allow overnight parking or have specific rules about it.

Residential Areas

In some residential areas, it’s okay to park your U-Haul on the street overnight.

However, you must check with the local police department or Homeowners Association (HOA) beforehand. When you call, you should ask if there are any restrictions on street parking in the area.

You should also be considerate of your neighbors and not block driveways or park in front of fire hydrants.


If you know someone with a garage, you can ask to park your U-Haul overnight. Finding a private garage is safer than parking on the street or in a public parking lot. 

Likewise, finding a car repair garage is another fantastic option. Most people will assume that a U-Haul parked in a garage has mechanical issues. Thus, it will be under the security provided for other vehicles that need repair.

park uhaul overnight in garage


Some casinos allow RVs to park overnight for free or for a fee. This option is convenient if you’re planning to gamble at the casino.

Before leaving your U-Haul in the casino parking lot, check with the staff first. They will be able to tell you whether the management allows overnight parking.

Can You Park a U-Haul on the Street?

Many people ask about on-street parking for U-Hauls because they are concerned about the safety of their moving trucks.

You can park a U-Haul on the street in most areas, provided it does not block traffic or impede the flow of emergency vehicles. However, street parking varies depending on the applicable traffic laws in a specific area.

According to the City of San Diego, no vehicle can be parked in one location on the streets for more than 72 hours.

Moreover, MRSC says that most residential areas prohibit street parking, especially for large vehicles like U-Hauls.

You should also check for signs that indicate parking is not allowed on certain streets overnight.

When in doubt, it’s always best to ask a local police officer or parking authority for guidance.

Finding a parking space is safer than parking your U-Haul on the street. Areas like parking lots, garages, and motels are safer to park your U-Haul than the street. 

Remember that disobeying parking laws can result in your U-Haul being towed away or impounded.

Can You Park a U-Haul on the Street in NYC?

You cannot park a U-Haul overnight on the street in NYC. According to New York City authorities, parking any commercial vehicles on the road from 9 pm to 5 am is prohibited.

In NYC, commercial vehicles can only park at parking places managed by meters. You’ll have to purchase a parking space for your U-Haul at meters along the streets of NYC.

Where Can I Park a U-Haul Overnight in NYC?

You can park a U-Haul overnight in NYC at specific truck parking facilities, hotel and shopping mall parking lots, and garages. You can also reach out to your friends in NYC and inquire whether their residences allow U-Haul parking overnight.

If you want to sleep in the U-Haul, Walmart is the best place to park overnight in NYC. You can contact any Walmart store in the city and inquire about their overnight parking policies.

Remember to check the signs when you park, as some Walmart stores do not allow overnight parking.

Ways to Keep Your U-Haul Safe Overnight

unloading the trucks for a local event being held that day

When parking your U-Haul overnight, you can do the following to keep it safe:

  • Park the U-Haul in a well-lit area to deter thieves.
  • Back the truck into the parking space, so it’s difficult for someone to hook up and tow it away.
  • Park near other vehicles to block your U-Haul from thieves.
  • Secure the U-Haul with a steering wheel block.
  • Stay in a room where you can view your U-Haul.

Final Thoughts

You can park your U-Haul overnight in a garage, casino, or hotel parking lot. Although these areas are safe, keep an eye on your U-Haul wherever you are. Alternatively, you can secure the truck with a steering wheel block. 

Finally, always check the signs and parking regulations before leaving your U-Haul overnight.

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