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Using HelloFresh Coupons 

HelloFresh, the most significant meal-kit provider in the US, makes it easy for you to prepare nutritious meals without a hassle. The company makes life even easier by offering promotional coupons for their customers to enjoy discounted meals. Yet, you may have some questions about using HelloFresh coupons.

It’s pretty easy to use HelloFresh coupons, as you only need to enter the promo code during checkout to get your discount (for new customers). You can also use a reactivation code to enjoy a discounted meal kit.

Who wouldn’t love to save money while enjoying convenient meal preparation? In this article, I’ll discuss a few topics related to using HelloFresh coupons. Keep reading to learn more about how these promotional coupons help save time and money!

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Can You Use HelloFresh Coupons More Than Once?

Whether you’re a new or returning customer, HelloFresh has promotional coupons and discounts for everyone. The renowned meal kit delivery company also offers gift cards and free shipping to its beloved customers. Since it’s a subscription-based service, customers obtain promotional coupons (or codes) after signing up.

If you’ve just signed up for meal-kit delivery services from HelloFresh, you could be wondering if you can use the received coupon more than once.

You can use HelloFresh coupons more than once. However, this opportunity applies to new customers or sign-ups. Ultimately, the company offers coupons for 16 meals and three surprise gifts.

According to Kim, a HelloFresh Agent, the meal kit provider allows new customers to use a HelloFresh coupon more than once.

“The coupon for new customers covers the 16 free meals, divided into boxes, depending on the regular amount of the chosen meal plan.” 

Hence, the company splits the total discount from the promotional coupons among the food boxes you’ll order in the first six weeks until you exhaust that figure.

Here’s how HelloFresh breaks down the total $152 worth of discount in the first six deliveries:

  • Delivery one – 50% off
  • Delivery two – 31% off
  • Delivery three – 19% off
  • Delivery four – 18% off
  • Delivery five – 18% off
  • Delivery six – 18% off

Plus, you can enjoy free shipping and three surprise gifts when you subscribe to HelloFresh services as a new user. On top of this, HelloFresh packages the pre-portioned ingredients in insulated, recyclable, and chilled boxes to ensure food is fresh and cold until you prepare it.

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How To Subscribe to HelloFresh

If you haven’t yet subscribed to HelloFresh services, you might be wondering how to go about it. Thankfully, it’s a straightforward procedure that won’t take more than a couple of minutes. And the company has a vast array of custom-fit meal plans for your selection.

Here’s how to sign up as a new HelloFresh user:

  1. Visit the company’s website. You can also sign up using the HelloFresh App. You’ll find a display of their available pre-made plans to choose from.
  2. Select your preferred plan. Your choice will depend on your budget and availability.
  3. Personalize the plan by selecting your preferences. These include the types and number of meals you want. Also, you’ll choose how many boxes you’d wish to receive per week.
  4. Register to create an account. You can use your Google account, Facebook account, Apple ID, or email address to sign up.
  5. Enter your details. These include your name, phone number, and shipping address.
  6. Provide your card number. Then, place your order. You’ll receive a promo code box during checkout.
  7. Select your preferred meal plan for the upcoming order. That’s it, you’re done!

Can You Use Multiple HelloFresh Coupons?

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Most shoppers want to enjoy as many discounts as possible. Honestly, who doesn’t love saving money on shopping? Many often try to use several coupons in one order to maximize their discounts. 

Yet, does this always work with HelloFresh coupons? Unfortunately, no.

You can’t use multiple Hellofresh coupons in one order. It’s against the company’s rules and regulations for customers to apply more than one coupon during checkout, and the checkout process only allows you to use one coupon at a time. 

How To Receive Additional Discounts for HelloFresh

So, if HelloFresh’s terms and conditions restrict using multiple coupons at once, how do customers get more discounts from the meal kit provider?

Apart from the promotional coupons that your receive after signing up as a new user or reactivating your account (for former users), you can enjoy more discounts:

  • If you’re a College student in the US: HelloFresh offers discounted meal kits through the UniDAYS plan.
  • If you’re a senior, a healthcare worker, or in the military: You’ll enjoy discounted meal kits via the Hero Discount plan.
  • When you sign up for HelloFresh email offers: You’ll receive a 15% discount on a food box or a whopping free meal!
  • When you refer a friend or family member to sign up for HelloFresh: The company offers you a discount when you share your promo code and credits your account with $25 every time a new user signs up through your code.

Can You Use Multiple Hellofresh Codes?

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You can’t use multiple HelloFresh codes on regular purchases. The company’s terms and conditions limit users from applying more than one code during checkout. In such an instance, the system won’t process your request.

However, according to GoodShop, HelloFresh might allow you to apply up to four promo codes on your order on some occasions. Although this depends on the type of purchase you’re making and what device you’re using.

How To Confirm You Have an Active Promotional Code To Enjoy a HelloFresh Discount

  1. Log in to your HelloFresh account.
  2. Hover to the top right and click on your name.
  3. Select ‘Plan Settings.’
  4. Click on ‘Manage’ 
  5. You’ll find the available promo codes on ’Your Plan.’ 

However, you might be unable to use a promotional code if:

  • It’s expired.
  • It’s incorrect.
  • It’s unsuitable for the specific product.
  • It’s appropriate for the redemption option – you can only use some codes at checkout, while others are applicable in the account settings.

Final Thoughts

HelloFresh is a renowned meal kit provider that offers a wide array of pre-portioned ingredients to prepare various meals. Moreover, the company has several promotional coupons for new and returning customers. Be sure to visit their website to find out what promos you’re eligible for.

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