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When Does HelloFresh Charge You?

I’m not the most technical person, so when I first subscribed to HelloFresh, I couldn’t get a good grip on their payment structure, which was especially problematic once their bills started pouring in. However, I quickly realized there was nothing to be anxious about. 

HelloFresh charges you five days before you receive your order. By default, you will receive a box every week from their service. HelloFresh will bill you for each box five days before it is delivered to you unless specified otherwise.                                   

In the rest of this article, I will explore scenarios related to this question, including how often HelloFresh will charge you, how their payments work, the amount they will charge you, and how to check it. 

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How Often Does HelloFresh Charge You?

Now that you know when you’ll be charged, you might be worried about how often this will happen. No need to panic, though! HelloFresh is very transparent about how frequently they will bill you, and you can get out of it anytime. 

Upon signing up, HelloFresh will charge you every week. As a subscription service, the frequency with which HelloFresh bills you will depend upon your subscription and weeks ordered. Ultimately, you will be charged based on your order schedule and subscription plan. 

Instead of getting stuck in complicated details, you need to understand how HelloFresh works. It’s a subscription service that charges you based on your selected subscription plan. 

Various plans are available based on pricing and how many people you intend to feed. However, keep in mind that HelloFresh is a weekly subscription service. How often HelloFresh bills you (every week) will remain unchanged unless you decide to skip some weeks manually. 

How Do HelloFresh Payments Work?

The HelloFresh service works on a prepaid system. To take advantage of their services, you will have to pay them in advance for any meals you want to be delivered. 

The HelloFresh payments work through tokenization to ensure security. Accepted payment methods for this purpose include credit cards as well as PayPal. You will be billed the total amount before every delivery on your preferred payment method. 

Once you sign up for a HelloFresh plan, they will bill you automatically five days before sending out your next order. However, if you want to skip a week, you can enter your account settings and cancel the payment for the upcoming week. 

Now, you might be wondering what tokenization exactly means. Tokenization is a practice that makes your online credit card payments much safer by making your transactions more anonymous. 

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When you purchase food with HelloFresh, the service will create a unique token for your card instead of saving all your credit card information on file. 

This token is usually a random sequence of numbers exclusive to you. The token does not contain any of your sensitive credit card information, and it’s worthless on its own. 

HelloFresh will verify your token number with its database for any consequent transactions rather than digging into your credit card details. This way, the details for your payment method will remain secure, simultaneously enabling you to make purchases with the service. 

How Much Does HelloFresh Charge You?

HelloFresh is highly flexible in its offered services. There are a variety of plans you can select based on your food preferences and budget. 

HelloFresh charges you from $57.95 to $201.75. The price you end up paying will ultimately depend on the plan size and weekly recipes you select. It can also vary depending on any customizations you make in your meal preferences.

HelloFresh provides you with tons of different recipes and meal preferences to choose from. When making your plan, you can select among the following recipe preferences

  • Veggies 
  • Meat & Veggies 
  • Family Friendly 
  • Fit & Wholesome 
  • Quick and Easy 
  • Pescatarian 

Additionally, you can customize your plan according to the number of individuals served and the total recipes offered per week. The number of persons can be either 2 or 4. The number of selected recipes can range from 2 to 6. 

Personalizing your plan according to the above criteria will increase or decrease the amount you’ll have to pay for your plan. The total cost associated with your HelloFresh subscription will vary case-to-case. 

How Do I See How Much HelloFresh Is Charging Me?

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Once you get the hang of the payment system, you might want to check how much HelloFresh charges you for your current subscription plan. 

You can see how much HelloFresh is charging you in your account settings. It is only possible to do this on the website. The summary will show your current and previous payments at the bottom of your meal preferences section. 

You might be confused if you use the mobile app to do this. Currently, you can’t view how much you’re spending on the mobile app of HelloFresh. 

You can, however, view your previous payments by opening the settings and viewing your order history. To see exactly how much they charge you for your current plan, you must open the website app and follow the guidelines above. 

Does HelloFresh Charge You for Shipping?

After finalizing your plan, there are some additional costs you’ll have to pay on your orders. 

HelloFresh charges you for shipping costs on its deliveries. To ensure speed and reliability, HelloFresh has shipping costs associated with its orders. You will see these costs in your checkout when you purchase a subscription. 

The shipping fees you have to pay will depend on your current location. However, you can apply specific discounts and vouchers if you have them, which can waive the shipping fees! 

Final Thoughts

Although it can be daunting to understand how HelloFresh works at first glance, it’s not! 

Their structure and way of working are similar to most current subscription-type services. Once you get the hang of your orders and payments, it becomes effortless to use. 

Suppose, for some reason, you’re still having difficulty understanding their system. In that case, you can always reach out to their helpful support team for assistance! 

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