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Using HelloFresh Free Boxes (Ultimate Guide)

By now, you have probably heard of HelloFresh, but you may or may not have heard of the elusive “free box.” Free boxes are the same as any other HelloFresh box, meaning they contain many ingredients and recipes. But how do you use the HelloFresh free box?

To use HelloFresh’s free boxes, you must sign up for their services as a new customer to redeem the offer. You may also receive a free box voucher from a friend or directly from HelloFresh occasionally. Once you have the freebie voucher code, you can use it at checkout.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the HelloFresh free box is and how to take advantage of their free box promotion and get yourself some freebies!

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What Is a HelloFresh Free Box?

A HelloFresh free box is a promotion for new customers to get a free meal box. You can also receive a free box voucher code from a friend if they have one. If you’re not a new customer, HelloFresh may also send you a freebie box voucher from time to time.

If you’re still asking yourself–what are HelloFresh free boxes?–you should know that they’re the same as any other HelloFresh box you would receive. They contain ingredients and recipes for meals, and the specific recipes will depend on your dietary preferences (which you will be asked about when creating your profile).

How Do HelloFresh Free Boxes Work?

The HelloFresh free boxes work as freebie voucher codes that you can use at checkout when ordering your next box. You can receive a voucher from a friend or directly from HelloFresh. In some cases, new customers may also receive a voucher for a free box.

The person sending the voucher doesn’t receive an incentive for doing so other than being able to provide their friend with a freebie.

Unfortunately, you won’t always be guaranteed a free box, but you’re likely to come across one if you create a new account or place frequent orders with HelloFresh.

By placing regular orders with HelloFresh, you can also receive other rewards, such as discounts or surprise items. For example, you may receive an extra dessert in a box if you’ve placed a certain number of orders.

Although your friend won’t receive a reward if they send you a freebie voucher, they can receive a reward if you sign up using their referral code. Before signing up for HelloFresh, make sure to ask friends or family if they have any referral codes because it could be beneficial for both parties.

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How To Use HelloFresh Freebies

If you are interested in getting a HelloFresh free box, you might be wondering–how does the HelloFresh free box work? To understand how they work, it’s good to know how to use them. Here is how to use HelloFresh free boxes:

  1. Go to the website (HelloFresh.com if you’re in the US).
  2. Create a new account.
  3. Give HelloFresh your meal and ingredient choices.
  4. Copy your freebie code. 
  5. Order your next box.
  6. At checkout, paste in the promo code.
  7. Wait for your HelloFresh free box to arrive!

After you order your free box, your other meal boxes will be delivered automatically. Although you don’t have to pay for a free box, you may still need to input credit/debit card details–this shouldn’t be cause for concern because your card will only be charged for subsequent orders (not the freebie order).

You can easily skip weeks for your deliveries, if needed. For instance, you might be going out of town or have some other ideas for dinner. You can also cancel your service anytime without penalties by simply going back to your account to do so.

What Are HelloFresh Freebies?

If you’re wondering what HelloFresh freebies are, they are free meal boxes. You can sometimes get a freebie by signing up for an account or using a friend’s referral code. Free boxes contain all the same ingredients that a paid box would have, which includes fresh vegetables and desserts.

However, freebies don’t always have to be full boxes. Sometimes, a freebie might be an extra dessert or recipe.

How To Get HelloFresh Freebies

There are two main ways to get HelloFresh freebies. They are:

  • Signing up for an account with a friend’s referral code
  • Being a regular customer and receiving periodic freebies

In some cases, a friend may decide to send you one of their freebie codes. However, they won’t get any rewards for this, so it doesn’t occur very frequently. 

Many HelloFresh customers have referral codes that they can give to friends. If they do this, they will generally receive a freebie or some money off their next order. Their friends will also get a freebie or money off their first box.

Can You Try HelloFresh for Free?

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You can sometimes try HelloFresh for free in the form of a free box. Otherwise, you may receive a discount. It largely depends on the promotions on at the time. In many cases, creating a new account or using a referral code will allow you to get your first order free or at a discounted rate.

How To Try HelloFresh for Free

If you’re wondering how to get HelloFresh for free, you can do so by creating an account and using a voucher on your first order. That is the most common way to try the service before spending money.

If a friend has a freebie voucher and doesn’t want to use it, they can send it to you instead. These are the main ways to try HelloFresh for free.


The HelloFresh free box is a promotion that allows its customers to enjoy recipes for free. You can receive a free box in a few different ways, but the main ones are:

  • Creating an account and using a friend’s referral code
  • Being a regular customer and receiving regular coupons

A friend can also send you their freebie voucher if they don’t want to use it. Remember to keep in mind that your following meals will be delivered and charged automatically after the initial free box.

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