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HelloFresh Box Is Stolen (What to Do!)

Like most porch deliveries, it’s unfortunate that HelloFresh boxes have also become targets for thieves. Most subscribers try to take preventive actions, but what happens if they become victims of such theft? Can you ever get your kit box back?

If your HelloFresh box is stolen, file a complaint with your local police. Assist the officers with required details and allow them to follow due process. Meanwhile, also contact Hellofresh to report the incident. Subscribers of such nature have said that HelloFresh sent a free replacement meal kit.

Continue reading this article for more insights into the necessary steps if thieves have stolen your HelloFresh box. I will also discuss how to prevent future recurrence.

HelloFresh Box

What To Do if Thieves Have Stolen Your HelloFresh Box

Realizing “porch pirates” have stumbled upon your door delivery can be downright agitating. More so if it is your HelloFresh box.

Your meal plans are now down the drain. You need to make an impromptu trip to the grocery store (sometimes late at night) if you don’t have the ingredients at home. Those who don’t fancy cooking need to get to a restaurant or make an order. And whatever plan you have includes each family member if you don’t live alone, which makes it even more distressing.

However, the foremost recommended step will be calling the cops to report the incident.

Regardless of how petty it may sound, stealing is still a crime, and responsible police divisions will treat it as such. There may be an opportunistic porch pirate who lives near you. Additionally, there have been accounts of HelloFresh couriers stealing meal kits they delivered moments after dropping them off. Furthermore, there have also been reports suggesting the thieves follow delivery vans maliciously.

With enough details provided to the cops, they could hunt down the thief and further follow due legal process. And who knows? They could still retrieve your box back in time.

Moreover, although there is no such claim from the HelloFresh website, multiple subscribers have reported that the company replaced their stolen meal kit. Victims contacted the kit service provider’s customer care, explained how they didn’t receive their box after the delivery, and got offered account credits.

For example, a subscriber, Andy Law, reported a theft incident on Twitter, and he got a response from HelloFresh’s verified account with directives on how to contact them. They “took care” of him within a day, confirmed by an appreciative tweet in the thread.

You will most likely get a refund if it’s your first time reporting this incident.

How Do You Prevent Your HelloFresh Box From Being Stolen?

Porch pirates are relentless and can keep tracking your HelloFresh deliveries illegally for free food. Some subscribers have already reported such incidents, so it is vital to devise preventive ways to safeguard your arriving kit.

To prevent your HelloFresh box from being stolen, provide a safe spot where you want it delivered. Most theft cases were from the doorstep, which porch pirates could have spotted easily and stolen. Also, you can provide an alternative location or have your neighbor look out when you’re not home.

Preventing your HelloFresh box from theft is crucial because it could easily ruin your plans for the day. Even if you are counting on the free HelloFresh reschedule, it won’t arrive immediately, but when you are to receive your next kit.

delivering to a doorstep provide a safe location

So let’s understand more about preventing such events:

1. Prepare a Safe Spot for Your Kit

As mentioned earlier, many cases of stolen HelloFresh boxes were opportunistic and would not have happened if the boxes were out of sight.

So you can prepare an accessible private corner or cover away from your public doorstep for your delivery if you are not home.

Specify wherever you’ve prepared as your spot in your account’s ‘Delivery Instructions.’ The courier will safely drop off your package at the area, which should be available when you get home.

In most cases, like Liilly Grenouille’s, the company will refund your credits if their couriers don’t follow your instructions to leave it in a safe place.

You can’t hold the company responsible legally if you don’t provide the safest possible location for the delivery.

2. Provide the Correct Time and Location You Can Receive It

Hello Fresh, meal box

HelloFresh doesn’t restrict subscribers to receiving meal kits only at home, so why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Wherever you may be away from home: work, school, or even the gym, input the address on the ‘Delivery and Payment’ session in the ‘Plan Settings’ tab of your account.

Besides, by tracking your delivery after receiving an email of your box being on the way, you can quickly get to where you chose to receive it.

If you can’t before the delivery, provide a trusted neighbor, business, or restaurant’s address where it’ll remain safe for you to pick up later.

3. Ask Your Neighbor To Be on the Lookout

If you have a neighbor that’s sure to be home at the time of your delivery, politely ask them to keep an eye out for your meal kit.

They could even be nice enough to remove it from your porch into their home till you get back. If they’re a trusted friend or relative, you could also give them a key to your house and let them take your package inside.

4. Install Security Cameras

While installing a security camera doesn’t necessarily ward off porch pirates, it could come in handy to identify them and may deter some would-be thieves who know they’re there.

Many victims of stolen food kits have filmed the process, giving the police an indispensable lead to follow up for an arrest. And if eventually arrested and charged, it may mean the end of those thieves’ shenanigans, keeping the future deliveries of your whole neighborhood safe.


If porch pirates steal your HelloFresh box, report the theft to your local police authority for swift investigations. Also, notify HelloFresh, who, from multiple similar subscriber’s accounts, will replace your account credits as a refund.

To prevent future recurrence of this theft, prepare a safe, private spot for the HelloFresh courier to drop off your box. You can also provide an alternative address from your home to receive it, install a security camera, or have a neighbor keep an eye on it.

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